Top 10 BEST LOOKING Hi-Bit Pixel Art Indie Games of ALL TIME (as of 2019) -

Top 10 BEST LOOKING Hi-Bit Pixel Art Indie Games of ALL TIME (as of 2019)

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Hi-Bit games are basically modern pixel art with features there were not possible on older platforms, so here are the Top 10 BEST LOOKING Hi-Bit Pixel Art Indie Games of ALL TIME – As of June 2019

00:05► Owlboy:
00:35► Iconoclasts:
02:26► Megasphere:
04:22► Death’s Gambit:
06:04► Roof Rage:
07:27► Crosscode:
09:33► Wargroove:
11:33► Aegis Defenders:
13:26► #3:
14:48► #2:
15:46► #1:

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As a big fan of gaming in general and Indie Games in particular, I decided to create this channel to talk about the best indie game experiences out there. Indie Gaming occupies a near and dear place in my heart and I want to highlight great developers and great games. I simply love the unique ideas that indie game developers come up with and I hope that you will find these videos useful in allowing you to discover the best indie games. Do consider subscribing to keep up with the latest indie games!

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  1. I would add Dead Cells to the list. This game is really amazing.

  2. CrossCode is such a great indie game. It's truly one of the best hidden gems!

  3. geez.. some of these games literally give me the goosebumps!! Megasphere has some awesome lighting and music – i feel like a kid again. I am amazed by how much a one man band coder is able to do nowadays – Axiom Verge and Iconoclasts being a perfect example. As soon as i saw those two i kind of gave up of making my own game – some of these guys are just killing it atm. Its all just way too much for me to take on right now; graphics, animation, p.r. …

  4. Wargroove and Aegis Defenders 👏

  5. At 7:30 you have Crosscode listed as being a PS4 game. It isn't. I've had my eye on this for well over a year now….and the internet often lists the game as being available on PS4….but it simply isn't. What gives?

  6. Awww nice. I'm a huge fan of the "all time" and best of the year videos. Please do more!!

  7. My personal #1 for this topic is Rain World.

    Putting aside the actual gameplay for the moment, the look of the world is simply unbelievable. There is an outrageous amount of detail put into the environments, and I don't think any pixel art game can come close to it in that regard. (Maaaybe Children of Morta, but even then I would still say Rain World has it beat.) The game is very bleak and depressing in its visuals, and some areas like the Outskirts aren't that particularly interesting to look at. But I think it's a beautiful kind of bleak and depressing, with a few hidden areas that actually quite stunning to look at.

    Sadly it is a HIGHLY niche type of game, so it doesn't get that much attention.

  8. i like these kind of games more than anything!😁

  9. roof rage is basic looking bro doesnt fit in this catagory in my opinion compared to the rest just saying

  10. Screw mainstream "realistic" walking simluator games
    Games are suppose to be fun and creative

  11. Stardew Valley, Streets of Rogue & Terreria are my favourites

  12. Thank you so much for make this ! now i knw about megasphere

  13. We are humbled by the #1 position! Thank you from the creators of BUTCHER 🙂
    And best of luck to you and your channel.

  14. Wargroove is not an original game, back in the days when Java Gaming was hot, on Mobile Phones there was this game called Ancient Empires, actually there followed Ancient Empires 2 and Ancient Empires 3. Now we can replay that Game on Android, it even has an Editor to make your maps and missions, really cool.

  15. Looks like crosscode won’t be released on switch until 2020. 🙁

  16. I am an android user and
    I am really sad because I can't download games I liked in this list
    Keep doing it!

  17. crazy how symphony of the night smashes on all of those

  18. unlicensed mechanic simulator by juakin sandburg

  19. I was surprised hyperlight drifter isn't on the list. Beside having very good looks, it does the storytelling through graphics. I pegged that un for a winner 🙂

  20. I came here for CrossCode. I was not disappointed.

    EDIT: This list also reminds me that I need to get back to WarGroove and Aegis Defenders.

  21. "of all time" and you show games still on early access. thumbs down here

  22. I really like this video because the person guiding us through these games is clearly more interested in the games themselves than in bequeathing us with a tirade of useless and idiotic opinions (*cough cough IGN cough cough*). He lets the games do all the talking.

  23. nice picks, but u forgot hyper light, super brothers and some <3

  24. I loved how you have given timestamps in some of these videos!

  25. You should have mentioned kingdom: two crowns instead of new lands!

  26. I just want to point out to the lucky few who are a actually interested.

    I have seen many videos from Clemmy games (but not all so don't shank me if he did mention this game) and I have not seen him address the Polish game "Darkwood"

    If you ever wanted a indie pixel horror survival game that is genuinely scary with incredibly horrifying and abstract art style, then look no further than the game "Darkwood".

    It is absolutely fantastic, I have never played such a wonderful horror game that literally made me shout out loud out of fear.
    Darkwood is a fantastic survival game, hard exploring, many enemies, items aren't shattered everywhere and weapons are not easy to manage.
    The game is an even better horror game, to be clear, jumpscares are not scary, they are startling, what Darkwood is, is true horror, fear of the unknown and horrifying intense pressure that you feel wherever you go.
    The developer specified that the game will not lead you by the hand and that there will be no intentional jumpscares, which they succeeded to do.

    If you want to try the game but are sceptical, then you are welcome to download a turret of the full game that the devs themselves publicized on the web, only asking you, that if you truly enjoy the game and would like to support the developers to make more games like Darkwood, then please buy the game on steam.

    play the game Darkwood, it's a masterpiece of a game

  27. Jamestown is f***ing good… Really, nice video, thanks

  28. Is the narrator Singaporean? just asking cause his accent seems like it.

  29. At what point does it stop being pixel art and low quality art? Legitimate question

  30. One I think of that is quite good looking, if very disturbing, is Yakouga 6 and Galshell 2. Although the later is still unfinished as of now, the twisted pixel art imagery in both is just something to behold. Think Blasphemous but even more twisted.

    And speaking of Shmup's and though it is a bit more generic in style, Reflex is another one that nails the pixel art look.

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