Top 10 Art in Games of 2021 - Camilla -

Top 10 Art in Games of 2021 – Camilla

The Dice Tower
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Camilla takes a look at her top 10 best art in games of 2021!

00:00 – Introduction
00:43 – #10
01:45 – #9
02:41 – #8
03:52 – #7
05:04 – #6
06:29 – #5
07:46 – #4
10:07 – #3
11:24 – #2
12:58 – #1

This video was part of the Dice Tower Winter Spectacular!

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  1. These are great choices. Art is a big factor on my decision to play and buy a game, so now I am on the lookout to play Ruination and Vargrantsong thanks to this vid.

  2. I would like to see them integrate the chronicles cry app with my VR headset

  3. I agree with Meadow being on the list. Such a beautiful game. Another good choice would have been Four Gardens.

  4. You are so eloquent Camilla, I’m excited to hear more reviews and 4 Squares from you.

  5. Good to see Canvas on a list, what a great welcoming game

  6. You really need to get your hands on Radlands, Camilla. Should be right up your street. Post-apoc synthwave Mad Max punks and an amazing game to boot. Fun list, fully agree with these choices.

  7. Am I going crazy our was this released a while ago already

  8. I like how well you articulated your reasons, Camilla. Very well done, and I agree, Chronicles 2400 has great art!

  9. My favorite was Radlands. When you said you loved post apocalyptic artwork I thought for sure it was coming up! Great list anyway!

  10. Great work Camilla! Thanks for the interesting list!

  11. I mean…all the choices are great, but Oath not being on the list at all is the biggest snub ever. Best looking game of 2021 by far

  12. Maybe you said this and I missed it, but is your ranking based on how much you like the art work or the game?

  13. This video was such a pleasure to watch – your enthusiasm really comes through!

  14. Love your game selection for great art in board games! I certainly appreciate games that play well and showcase beautiful art work. One of my favorite small games is Death Valley and the art in this game is wonderful as well!

  15. Great list. My only change would have been to add Cascadia in place of one of the games I haven't yet seen. I love the voice that you bring to the Dice Tower and I can't wait to see more of you in 2022. Happy New Year!

  16. Great to see Camilla doing one of those really! I loved the selection and tone.
    However, that's another top 10 of 2021 where I don't understand why we don't see "Living Forest" showing up.
    I suppose it's not properly distributed in the US, but the artwork on all the cards is absolutely fantastic to me and the rest of the material is also gorgeous while the gameplay is excellent for a family type of game.
    Check it out (it's been unpacked in a Dice Tower Unboxing video I think, and never to be seen again).

  17. Amazing job, Camilla. I think this was my favorite video of the Winter Spectacular this year (and I think I’ve watched all of them now). Your descriptions were so eloquent. You clearly have well formed opinions about art and know what you’re talking about, and how to communicate it to the reader! Art is one of the most important things for me when choosing a game to buy, and this video helped me so much!

  18. Great video! Love art in games and this list is very well made.

  19. Canvas is number 10? Wow I’m thinking there must be some insane things up ahead lol

  20. I think Camilla could pull off a cosplay of the lady on the cover of Chronicles of Crime 2400. All she needs to do is get a cyber raven and shave one side of her head, lol. 🙂

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