This Martial Arts Game Is Looking ABSOLUTELY STARTLING -

This Martial Arts Game Is Looking ABSOLUTELY STARTLING

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Due to the complete absence of E3 in both digital and physical forms, 2022 hasn’t been the kindest to game reveals that would make someone jump from their seats. That said, other conventions like Summer Games Fest and Gamescom have shed some much-needed light on a bunch of amazing games that fans can look forward to in the near future. One such game is Where Winds Meet, which is easily one of the most unique and exciting games that were present on the show floor this year.

Currently in development at Everstone Studio, Where Winds Meet finds itself standing alongside other highly-anticipated RPGs such as Black Myth: Wukong and Faith of Danschant: Hereafter. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, and let’s dissect everything that we saw during Where Winds Meet’s reveal trailer and how its many inspirations and mechanics come together to make this game seemingly one hell of an experience.


  1. Please let this not be another Triple A disaster.. this looks so amazing

  2. If I'm able to use my bare hands, I'll love this

  3. As long as it doesn't turn into yet another dull Dark Souls clone

  4. 3:43 the selection wheel is actually not abilities but rather acupuncture points on the enemy. According to the Chinese medicine, different acupuncture point governs different functions of the body and in Wuxia fantasies, people who master this art can instantly paralyze/knock out someone by forcefully hitting one of these acupuncture points.

  5. Looks like a trash, shit, made in China (literally), dollar tree Ghost of Tsushima.

  6. if u like this u should check out airtight city 2 made by solo dev it looks better than calisto protocol

  7. not every fuckking game needs survival element talent choice clothe choices or a fucking crafting every fucking gamer that has brain crafting in every fucking game sucks we need to stop putting these stupid things in games just so these so called journotards have something to bark about it

  8. Really hope it’s not Souls like game. Tired of these games.

  9. Wait till it turns out to be another 'souls-like'

  10. Wow, I thought this was The Rise of the Ronin… Damn they look similar

  11. This looks fake. It’s probably not a real game. And if it does come out it’s probably not even 10% of what they’ve shown

  12. Uncanny resemblance to Nioh 2 even the art style.

  13. Youre too kind. The animations look very clunky and janky. I really hope it gets better but animating is one of the most expensive aspects of game design.

  14. Honestly all these trailers are giving me similar vibes. They sre all visually striking but the games seem to be near clones of recent popular games. China's gaming industry is in its infancy and have never had a major game release heres hoping one of these games pans out.

  15. I’m glad they showcasing these unreleased games but Lost Souls Aside been in long development.

  16. I will pass on another Chinese's clone of AAA games, these days there are waaaay to many of them

  17. Why Chinese companies are never original, this looks like a straight ghost of tsushima and sekiro clone.

  18. Ghost of Tsushima was the same level over and over again. This is the same thing

  19. All this is, is visually appealing. The gameplay looks gimmicky and trash

  20. The ‘NARUTO’ game we’ve been waiting for. 🤩

  21. oof, see these kind of titles so often on youtube these days. ABSOLUTELY AMAZINGGGGG

  22. as much as I'm looking forward to all these upcoming Chinese games I would like to see one set in the Qing Dynasty (even though I heard that period isn't really popular)

  23. It's only for pc why in hell would it not be for all current gen consoles barring the switch of course very odd decision.CDPR learned this the hard way with the witcher series PC only will not make you much money at this point all players can do is hope for a console port.

  24. A Chinese version of Ghost of Tsushima game where we play as a Kung Fu fighting warrior.

  25. The environments remind me of Ghost of Tsushima…damn now I wanna play that game 😂

  26. Can’t see this as a Pc only game tho. It looks way too ambitious and from what I’ve seen they have got a lot of awesome shit going on. Can’t wait to see or hear more about this game.

  27. Looks like they using Tsushima engine.. lighting, grass, tree looks similar.

  28. Did i hear correctly? No english Subs?! How will you understand what they're saying in Chinese?!

  29. Hope it comes to consoles it would be a great way to branch out the game.

  30. there is no 10th century CE, unless by CE you mean Christian Era

  31. We need more games like Sifu (forcing you to use different combos) for other martial arts

  32. "Video features" playlist need to align again with "newest first".

  33. Here's the problem…Netease is notorious, not as bad as Tencent but also not good, whenever something like this pops up, usually it's pre-rendered CGI, like how the flame doesn't extinguish when exposed to rain, how the foot step animation is slower than the sound, that combat and running animation is far too smooth, not something Netease could accomplish, because they have no studios who has experience making triple A titles…whatever you see here, forget it and wait for AC Red or Rise of Ronin, Black Myth Wukong will be the first real tirple A title, Netease is good with mmo and mobile games, not single player games.

  34. So many great games set in asian countries- rise of the ronin/ Wuchang fallen feathers/ wo long/like a dragon isshin/ A.C. code red/ code jin yong/ honor of kings/ faith of danchant/ blackmyth wukong and probably many more. Also they all look and play great.

  35. 1:56 YASSS!!! Kung Fu Hustle is a fave of mine and he does the Lion's Roar technique with the bell turned megaphone!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😁😁😁

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