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The Videogame Show What I’ve Done: Art games – Destructoid

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Virgillio Armarndio returns to teach us about the importance of art.


  1. then maybe you should leave if you dont get the satire of it

  2. OMG that was brilliant! When the organ started and it was like "YOU FAIL".

    That was actually brilliant satire! Good job!

  3. It's better than Passage…IT'S BETTER THAN PASSAGE!

  4. you need to go back to not acting your videos out…you're making me feel awkward.

  5. This character is a bit broad as far as satirical strawmen go. More specific mocking examples of art games, plus more actual insightful criticism about the sub-genre might have given it more sting. It just felt overly general and hammy.

  6. Not everyone would have noticed, but it's a very direct criticism of a game called 'The Path' where you're told that you 'failed' if you follow the games advice and not stray. He is also mocking the attitude of 'indie art fags' who try to earn superiority through an understanding of the intentionally obscure (people have said they'd cried when playing passage). Kingdom Hearts is even referenced in his game I believe.

  7. There's nothing wrong with reading books, Jim.

  8. I really see no humor in this. Obnoxious does not equal funny.

  9. @BakaNeko224 Thank you for your insightful comment. After reading it, I realized that you are totally right, it didn't work out at all. When I was laughing at it, I was wrong to do so. Thank you for correcting me.

  10. I stopped watching the moment the fat guy in make-up started talking, no way could I have watched the whole video without punching something.

  11. my god he's a fattie… what a disapointment… what a unsurprise. can't people stop fitting the mold?

  12. @pigtailsboy
    We can't all be as unique and wonderful as you are.
    But I'm sure you knew that.

  13. Somebody give Ji—I mean Vergillio Armandio an Oscar, a scholarship and eventual grant at Harvard, and a slot on G4!

    In all seriousness, this video is why I love Destructoid! 😀

  14. is he saying that games should be more about fum than art? because i wouldnt think im to say that. i think (beccause i know all of you care so much) that the level of art in a game depends on the player, as well as the amount of fum. like shadow of the colosus. i love it an i think its a wonderful game with a beautiful story and atmosphere.

  15. My opinion on the whole art vs fun thing:
    The fact that a game is "artsy" doesn't mean it isn't fun. In fact, art is MEANT to be fun, whilst proving a point. Of course, looking at a painting isn't that fun, but it was the best that could be managed at the time. Reading a book? Fun. Listening to music? Fun. Watching a film? Fun. Playing a videogame? Fun. So, "artsy" games that forsake fun to make an "Artistic point" are FAILING at being art, because they fail at being fun.

  16. @CallumR56 Go to tale of tale's website. Go to their forum. Read some of the threads and you will see the people who treat video games like this. One thread was complaining about a debugger changing his code, as he said "To compile is to kill. To see one's mistakes is an essential part of artistic creation. I don't want some compiler to suggest corrections. All it cares about is the machine anyway. As an artist, I care about the people using the machine." This is who he is making fun of.

  17. @CallumR56 No problem, I'm the same way all the time too. I can't look at some video cause I cringe at what I wrote 😛

  18. 'Or indeed the master, Phil Collins'
    Genius line.

  19. I really wish this could translate into a series.

    This is really funny, but the other 2 are really boring. ^^

  20. Extra Credits is painfully tryhard, and I get the feeling that if they ever made a game it would be utterly naff.

  21. Extra Credits is written by James Portow. He is a video game developer.

  22. Virgilio here kinda reminds me of Professor Pyg from Arkham Knight

  23. There were not enough polygons in this game and therefore not enough Emotion. Only lots of polygons can give us Emotion in game. And Ellen Page too. If peach was Ellen Page and other girl had more polygons, game would be perfect. Or other way around. Story is inspiring too. Though a bit too much violence and not enough rape of Ellen Page. Emotion!
    -David Cage

  24. Jim needs to bring back this character. Ironically, his newest character Duke du Harcore sounds like Virgillio Armarndio but has the exact opposite views of him. One way, I hope we get a rap battle or something.

  25. sums up my pet peeves with some art games

  26. for some reason I feel like giving him a drink with 17 ingredients in it.

  27. serving this guy drinks is a pain in the ass

  28. … to think that Death Stranding was not even announced back then…

  29. You will drink a piano man and like it! It’s 17 in the calicomp damnit! You don’t get much more 17 than that!

  30. Thanks to Va-11 hall-a for making me discover this

  31. XD I've been using this guy as my discord pic for like a year after I found the Image on a random google image search.

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