The Unique Art of Video Games -

The Unique Art of Video Games

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Wagner James Au,” Playing Games with Free Speech”:

Supreme Court Decision, “Brown v. Entertainment Merchant’s Association”:

Wikipedia page on the above case:

Bo Moore, “Inside the Epic Online Space Battle That Cost Gamers $300,000”

Video games as an art form Wikipedia page:

Full walkthrough of Journey, no commentary:

Abigail Tucker, “The Art of Video Games”


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  1. Of course it's all art dude.. What's the discussion for

  2. Güler (◍•ᴗ•◍)(人 •͈ᴗ•͈) says:

    I guess the cyberpunk part didn't age well. Would be pretty neat to watch a video essay about cyberpunk 2077 by you.

  3. 2:41 seeing a clip from the just released Cyberpunk 2077 used in a video 6 years old

  4. jesus, that cyberpunk trailer was 6 years ago?

  5. Disagree if you will, but I think the original Legend of Zelda is a beautiful work of art.

  6. I really love this video…wanted to share it with my students. Is there any way you can post a version without "*uck yeah" at the end? I share the sentiment but don't want to get fired for them watching something inappropriate (they are middle schoolers)

  7. less complicated games will be successful like PUBG, NFS, Mario, gta

  8. I hate how videogames has this stigma of being for losers/nerds, nobody says "you watch a lot of movies? what a loser"

  9. Art is the Super Contra

    (Ending of the video is perfect)

  10. To answer the question of is game art is simple. is music art? is painting art? is writing art? is cinematography art? is acting art? is design art? if even one of them is, yeah, game is art because you need all of them to make a game even the most generic fps online game.

  11. •✿♡Sʜᴀᴅ'ᴢᴢ Pʟᴀᴄᴇ♡✿• says:

    Patata 😀

  12. Wow I didnt know you where John Krasinski until I watched this video

  13. Of course that Limbaugh judge who was so obtuse about the expression of video games is related to the radio Limbaugh who is so obtuse about everything.

  14. Love that you mentioned Myst. Brilliant game series. The Dig and Full Throttle too 🙂.

  15. I think that there are many forms of art. Statues, paintings, architecture, music, literature, cinema and games. And much more. Each one of them has a unique touch to it. It's beautiful. In a way anything that gives us purpose and beauty in life can be art. Art is, I think, mostly an expression of ideas, of psyche. A way to connect with the receiver. It can be something almost worth losing ourselves in. And we should strive to protect real art.

    That said I am not against modern art, but some things do make me think if they are really art. And while some films might not obviously be artistically uplifting, they fulfill their role. Some are just bad.

    You probably won't read this, Nerdwriter, but I really appreciate your channel. I especially enjoy the videos focusing on cinema, but other videos are fantastic as well. The ones breaking down aspects of Trump, and how Sanders speaks were fantastic. You really have quality content.

  16. Why the fuck dose your video get so close to your face like grows I don’t know u that well. Zoom the fuck

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