The Ultimate Pixel Art Tutorial -

The Ultimate Pixel Art Tutorial

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The ultimate pixel art tutorial teaches beginners and advanced pixel art techniques. Learn art fundamentals in this pixel art tutorial.

In this pixel art tutorial, learn how to make pixel art. Ever wanted to get started? Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all of the information out there? Well, this is the ultimate pixel tutorial for you.
In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw pixel art and learn key art fundamentals that will drive your pixelart, such as jaggies, doubles, what canvas size to use, value, colour, shading, and much more. I use aseprite but show you other pixel art software you can use when learning how to pixel art.

Pixel art for beginners is made easy with this pixel aseprite tutorial, but can be watched by advanced pixel artists too, to brush up on some skills!

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— References And More Learning Resources That I Recommend —
My Aseprite Tutorials –
Brandon James Greer – Amazing YouTube Pixel Artist –
James Gurney YouTube –
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— Amazing Art —
Portrait by Ptoing –
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— Video Chapters —
00:00 Introduction
00:10 Equipment
00:19 Software
00:40 Process
00:57 Silhouette
01:10 Construction
01:25 Rough
01:44 2D Design
02:07 Canvas Size
02:33 Work Small
02:50 Linework
02:59 Doubles
03:18 Jaggies
03:47 Art Fundamentals Into
03:52 Colour Picker
04:49 Value
05:15 Saturation
05:39 Contrast
06:17 Light And Shadow
07:06 Pillow Shading
07:19 Materials
07:42 Warm And Cool
08:11 Hue Shifting
08:48 Colour Range
09:03 Colour Palettes
09:27 Dithering
10:08 Anti-Aliasing
11:06 Banding
11:20 Outline Styles
12:08 Cluster And Orphan Pixels
12:43 Retro Game Reference
13:28 Style Choice
13:51 Have Fun
14:07 Support


  1. Great video!! Thank you so mucu for this content, I'm sure it will be very helpful in my journey entering this world of pixel art.

  2. Really good art tutorial, very comprehensive. Great job!

  3. My own timestamp reference:
    0:41 The process: shadow, line, colour, refine
    9:26 Dithering (giving the illusion of more colours, checkered patterns)
    11:58 Outline type reference

  4. Short and clean, how I like a tutorial! Thank you for sharing this amazing roadmap sir!

  5. This was a valuable stepping stone on my journey. Thank you.

  6. How do you convert the color to its black and white variant on krita?

  7. Great video man, every beginner pixel artist should watch this quality content

  8. thank,s but for toturial you have to be slow A little bit about your expline to get whate you say ok bro am stil learn this PERFECT art 🙂👍🏼 so good luck and wish me good luck to😂.

  9. Thanks for this video! So many great tips for pixel art! I use pixel studio on android and asesprite on computer. By the way, another good pixelart software is libresprite, it's a free fork of asesprite.

  10. I'm creating my own videogame and your tutorials are really helping me I just want to say thank you 🙏

  11. I'd like to add that while the installer for aseprite is paid, the source code is free, so you can compile it for your system and get it for free

  12. I can't draw for shit, my tactic is to mess around and experiment till I get something I like, I can't make something specific but I can make something I like

  13. I’m working on a pixel art game for a game contest, and this really helps! Thanks!

  14. i get all this but why do i never see any normal mapping mentioned anywhere. its important for lighting in games is it not?

  15. Apesar que de ser un video de pixelart la teoria es muy compleja

  16. I draw traditionally and digitally and was always interested in pixel art, this helps me to demystify it a bit. And it's a great tutorial for art fundamentals too. A lot of stuff in the video can totally be used for drawing in general.

  17. Bro some of the stuff he says are "bad" I really like the look of tho :/

    Should I still avoid them even if I personally like them? Is it better to do what might please an audience or should I follow what I personally like best?? For context, I'm working on a pixel horror game using 16bit sprites. If I was just making art I'd be inclined to follow what I like best, but I'm afraid of losing potential fans/viewers/players because of a style choice…

  18. Can I just read instead, this jump editing and video are just a bit annoying.

  19. Wow! I've watched a couple pixel art tutorials with high production value that were boring and unhelpful for beginners. They just lay out 'rules' without exploring how the art changes with them.

    Yours has to be the best I've seen in terms of pacing, information, exploring the topic, presentation style… this is absolutely phenomenal! Great job!

  20. I remember watching this vid around a year ago when I started making pixel art, love this vid so much 💗💗💗

  21. gram w szybkie gry i robie długie przerwy

  22. A "pixel art tutorial" means an art tutorial the size of a pixel. This is different from the intended concept of a "pixel-art tutorial." Hyphens are required when two or more nouns are supposed to be combined before they apply as a modifier to a third noun that follows them. Please learn grammar.

  23. its weird doing something for 20+ years and then see someone add phrases to really things you didn't have words for. Jaggies made me laugh

  24. I got experience with digital art upon trying out aesprite i was surprised by how comfortable it all felt (expect some hotkeys I'm used to hitting P for my pencil not B) didn't realize how transferable it was might also be i have a lot of experience of building in Minecraft as well which i assume helps

  25. After 2 minutes of the video I literally thought like it was at least an hour of knowledge. I learned so much thanks to you. God bless you.

  26. Honestly, I think a small amount of banding is perfectly fine, as long as you're careful with it. For example, making sure that you don't have heavy banding on the light source facing side to prevent it from just being pillow shading. It also seems like banding is more noticeable on straight lines and with multiple thick strips of colors, and a bit less of an issue when it's along a curve with just a handful of thin, wispy lines

    TLDR: everything in moderation, i guess

  27. I came into this video going "hey I cant really do art but I can probably do pixel art". The literally only thing I've learned from this video is nope. No I can not. It's still way too complicated and I don't understand anything

  28. Where did you find the font of the thumbnail? Its so pretty

  29. Great video Saul! Also I'd like to point out again that CONSISTENCY IS KEY. Consistency is what makes an artstyle, each one of those principles Saul mentioned CAN be used, but doesn't have to (like he mentioned with the outlines, you can use them, or you don't have to). Consistency is why the piece at 12:36 works well, the artist "broke a rule" of orphan pixels, but he broke it everywhere, thus creating an interesting style!

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