The Sword Art Online VR game is HERE! Full dive Nervegear in 2022 -

The Sword Art Online VR game is HERE! Full dive Nervegear in 2022

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The Sword Art Online VR game is here. Is sword art online possible in 2022 and the fulldive nervegear in real life. The sword art online VR headset is coming. You can full dive into the world of sword art online like Kirito and Asuna to clear all the floors of Aincrad. Project Aincrad is the VR game that makes sword art online possible right now on quest 2 with VRchat but there is another VR MMO RPG based on sword art online in the making. The Varjo Aero with Galea from Valve is the first BCI VR headset like the nerve gear from sword art online. Elon musk is also working on creating a brain-computer interface with Neuralink. SAO is finally coming to virtual reality in 2022 and the meta Quest 2 might get the biggest competition if Sony announces an exclusive SAO VR game.


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  1. I cant wait for a full dive SAO game to play, but sadly I feel like it will be a long time. Most MMOs take 7 years to develop and this one should take longer do to the unique system and the skill and time required to code such a game.

  2. I want this So Badly! Especially if mihoyo is making it then I want it even more!!

  3. we need Elon he alr made a chip for humans he def could figure it out

  4. the fact sao is now taking place somewhere during this month of 2022

  5. Imagine if fucking metaverse budget was put into this

  6. 6th november 2022. Fulldive SAO? Hell no

  7. Good luck. Cya all 2 years in the future… if you managed to survive.

  8. it is there already as you mentioned but in different companies with half or some functions of it working. full dive nerve gear is possible if they all work together..

  9. If SAO vr is real i would spend loads of money to buy a VR hardware

  10. Genshin impact! MIHOYO! I GUESS IT FINNA BE GOOOD

  11. I am a little worried about MiHoYo making a VR game honestly, not as worried as I would be as someone named Akihiko Kayaba materializing from nothing and announcing Full Dive VR but I'm about half as worried as that due to them being a Chinese company. Don't get me wrong though, love MiHoYo and their games with HI3 being one of my all time favorites, but China's been known to pressure their companies into giving them player info even if those players are from other countries, and with something like VR player info is actually pretty scary, Full Dive eve moreso.

  12. I think it is no good idea to make a NervGear (the series showed us that)

  13. ☞︎︎︎ ˡ ⁱ ᶻ ☜︎︎︎ says:

    I don't mind the risk. I definitely want to play it like this.

  14. Its SAO day, but I still don’t even have a VR headset…

  15. We're very far off from full sensory dive. We could argue a headset where everything in game is done through a device reading your brain to do actions like walking or interaction in the world is 20-50 years out. But full sensory dive? Even if it's possible, there's a lot of questionable dangers like being stuck in a coma or other potential brain function loops.

  16. You see, the problem with all of this projects is that none of the makers understand SAO. Maybe they never even paid attention to it. SAO in lore is described as a realistic world. Therefore making anime styled worlds is just stupid.

  17. I can’t believe that one anime predicted this game

  18. It's stuff like this that makes me want to get an apprenticeship in vr technologies and neural shit. Working on bringing a full-dive to real life is something I dream of!!

  19. Did anyone notice that sao launch day (in cannon) was November 6th 2022

  20. Subscribed, liked and hit the bell, this reignited my fandom of sao

  21. I can't believe I missed this amazing giveaway. So excited for SAO though. Thanks for the update!

  22. And if it does come out on PS5 what VR system should I get

  23. Man I’d be happy playing an SAO game that was a complete replica of the show VR or not… 🥲

  24. Lol I am here because of the article that says you die in real life too. Surely that's illegal. Is this is what full dive vr is about? We really die?

  25. I think the problem is that the VR we are trying now is just images close to your head. Instead of actually connecting to our brain like nerve gear does and showing us the images and experience in our brain. It won't ever feel full dive-like till we get VR like that.

  26. Full dive or bust. I'm not going to be happy with some halfassed version of SAO.

  27. Oh shit if sao does become and irl vr game then it better not be run by a discount kayaba

  28. I know this is fays later, but it relates tk what this game inspired. What kind of psychopath would even consider a LETHAL VR headset? How is that allowed by the government? By police? I hope that person that made it is in jail for the rest of his life. He doesn't have the balls to test it himself but makes it for other people? Holy shit what has this world come to?

  29. All fun and games till the Logout button dissappears.

  30. Wonder who’ll be the first to die from this

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