The SCARIEST Anomaly Game - New Chilla's Art -

The SCARIEST Anomaly Game – New Chilla’s Art

special edd
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  1. 52:2652:55 actually eddie, your wrong, i want to piss my pants everytime i watch one of ur horror videos, i dont handle jumpscares well😭😭😭
    plus i havent spotted anything you havent- im too scared💀💀

  2. I think that when the door comes to you, you go to the side in the seats to avoid it because it only goes forward :)))

    edit: nevermind I watched it a little further -_-

  3. It is currently 4:16🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🥳🥳🥳🥳🎊🎊🎊🎊

  4. 45:12 you used to have white buns now you have black shiny buns 😆😆😆

  5. Fun Fact: if you double tap a comment it likes it!

  6. there's an ending where the sister and his little brother die in an accident. and the player which is you is just passed out and everything that happened is just in his head. if i'm not mistaken, a doctor helped him to become conscious again.

  7. not even 20 fucking seconds in and I already shit myself

  8. That suit on the character looks fimmilier to the look away you die game…..

  9. 6:09 “ok its the same dude lookin depressed, hes uhmm ermm sleeping, and hes got a gay bag 😃”

  10. day 36 of asking for you to play the cursed tape

  11. 43:45 correct me if I’m wrong but I think this is the fictional hakinaki disease or whatever it is called

  12. It took Eddie an hour to play this and Juicy did it in like 40 minutes lmao

  13. 14:50 was the cat eyes- I was like- Wait a damn minute? They were black not brown xD

  14. The mario "Hello!" Voice and then eddie screaming "EASY!!!" Got me almost Dead!

  15. Eddie: “you’re telling me the lights.. is real??”

  16. I swear when he said "OK there is a emo kid and his depressed mom " I went off


  18. The number four it was the bookcase it change to red to salmon

  19. at 14:43 or 42 it was the door if you walked back it would be cracked then when you get to close it closes

  20. Pls eddie play the episode 2 on the coffin of andy and leyley pls

  21. He didn’t even saw that the restroom area gets dark when you have it wrong😂

  22. This guy takes way too long to turn around and run from danger then looks back ta see if the danger is coming 😹 gives me bumps 😂

  23. Eddie:there’s no anomaly me:BRO DO NOT SEE THE LITTLE BOY IS GONE???????

  24. Bullet train? Damn that name sounds badass like if you agree with me

  25. I get you Eddie 🤣 it's annoying when people are like "it's easy" "you missed this" but also I don't know about anyone else but I am jumpy and I was watching this and I got jump scared🤣

  26. Eddie in the next video, can you please do a spicy chicken challenge?

  27. Eddie is so paranoid he’s literally trying to remember everything😂

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