The Riot Games Super Art Power Hour | Episode 1: Concept Art -

The Riot Games Super Art Power Hour | Episode 1: Concept Art

Riot Games
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Thomas Randby is a Senior Concept Artist on the League of Legends PC team at Riot Games. A member of the PIE (Personalization, Immersion, and Expression) initiative, you may remember him from such skins as Battle Academia Caitlyn, Cafe Cuties Sivir, and Spirit Blossom Cassiopeia.

Tune up and tune in to Episode 1, as Tom takes us on an adventure through a magical world of lions and pool parties, where the only limits are those of your imagination…and a never-ending list of gameplay-based constraints. We’ll see how Tom navigates these challenges as he creates a bespoke, impromptu piece of concept art in realtime, and walks us through his creative process, the craft, and how he fits into the pipeline among animators, illustrators, and technical artists, oh my!

The Riot Games Super Art Power Hour is a monthly long-form educational segment spotlighting super art and super artists at Riot.


  1. There's so much information to learn from this video. Thank you.

  2. Imagine this guy talks alone…in a dark office… daydreaming of his drawing… it's so funny 😂

  3. I can't stand the unbalance about the red and blue sides anymore. So I sincerely offer you two suggestions about the league of legends game. First, please allow player to select view of each sides. For myself, blue side is really much easier to operate. Second, the birth location of baron and dragons shouldn't always be certainlly located. My advice is that 2 rift heralds could be born on both sides. Once one of them has been killed, the other disappears. The location of the killed one could be designed as the birth place of baron, other one could be dragon. On this condition, game will be equal to both sides.

  4. fuck what you do, we have a pleasure in the game, what the hell do you have a goal for, you are nerfing the jet again, then remove the character

  5. Ok now I wanna see a tbskyen review of this lol

  6. If this is just “concept” art I think I’m safe to speak for many and say we were pretty entertained by this ringleader and would love to see more of this show!

  7. Thanks for the great video Thomas and Riot. So damn educational. I love hearing the "why" we do x, y, and z from an art AND business/team pov. Anyone who wants to work in the industry (and pros already) can learn a ton from this.

  8. Eskiden daha iyi art çizimler yapılırdı daha kısıtlayıcı teknolojilerle şimdi riot bozdu

  9. After watching this video, I weirdly get the impression that a lot of the guidelines towards concept design within the Riot team are kind of… limiting? And I'm not just talking about time constraints or resolution limitations.

    Avoiding "visual noise" is smart and practical, but if you're not adding any significant aspects (items, companions, etc.) then the end result is essentially little more than a palette change. Also, the idea of sticking with the theme of a character exclusively when coming up with design ideas feels oddly contradictory to the point of skins. The idea is to redesign the character, but most of the skins in the game just feel like the same character wearing different outfits.

    Honestly, that's what I admire about Hi-rez's Smite (if you don't know what Smite is, it's basically third-person League with mythological gods instead of champions). Without comparing the companies, the gameplay, or game direction, Hi-rez's art and design team are fucking GODLY. Many of the skins in that game take an existing character and change everything about them. There's a skin will take a standard male model and add a pair of giant eagle wings, a flowing tail, and a shape shifting animal companion that changes as you use the characters abilities. There are skins that literally change and evolve in real time, multiple times in a game, as you level up.

    I don't know. I love Riot and the content they produce, but being a part of their art team sound more and more disappointing the more I hear about how crunched they are on time and creativity.

  10. Can’t wait the Riot office on Indonesia!

  11. These videos are GOLD.

    And now I need Lion Tamer Caitlyn >.> Rito pls

  12. This is really great content, thanks for that, gonna watch next video right away

  13. Hey riot games can you have one the admin to respond to my ticket.

  14. We also need an hour for splash art process and what goes through the mind of a splash artist, process of vfx animation artist .literally lovely content to eat up any time of the day ❤️❤️❤️

  15. As someone currently setting foot into Game Art Territory, I can really say that this video is not only entertaining, but also educating to watch! I can learn a lot about a good workflow and mindset from watching it, highly recommend to other artists esp. those who love doing concepts!

  16. Also would be very interesting to see how Wild Rift 3D intro animations made <3

  17. I've said forever that I would love to follow a Riot artist around for a day because of all the amazing art they create. I looove this series and can't wait to see more!

  18. My dream job right here, I'm going to work as hard as I possibly can until I have the skills necessary to produce art like this

  19. Caitlin basically wearing Vi's pants. Guess that's one lion she tamed

  20. This was an amazing video with so much information. Thank you Thomas 😀

  21. I am not a programer or a game designer but wooh when he said that her gun has 3 parts that move separately… And that she has different hair strands and coat tails and all of that is programmed separately…That blew my mind… Let's be honest no wonder how many bugs is in game when you have to put so many details… when you have to provide space for so so many details no wonder! They have 140 champs and each one of them is unique and each one of them has their own programing and animations … Many other games don't have such problem TBF, so yeah gj Riot! Unironically!

  22. The most toxic game of all time. Not the players, but the system itself, and the entire Riot games company. If you have a bit love for yourself, delete this virus from your PC before it's too late

  23. I will come back here to the comments when i get hired, wait for me riot !

  24. Wow, this power hour episode is so cool! How did he just share much knowledge on a variety of things while effortlessly drawing a new skin!? You are amazing!

  25. Thomas described every single part of his thought process and it was incredibly insightful and fun to watch. That Caitlyn looks so damn cool, especially her rifle. I'd love to see a Super Art Power Hour on Illustration too! Decrypting the process of image composition and use of color and value to create certain moods would be amazing.

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  27. Tom is literally my fav! He is so talented and a great artist. 🥰

  28. I just realized that you have the Sivir minifig on your desk!!!! 😭

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