The Problem With Video Game Box Art -

The Problem With Video Game Box Art

Soggy Cereal
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Soggy Cereal complains about video game covers for 10 minutes. He really doesn’t have that much to say.



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  1. omg finally someone says fnaf covers are so ugly, I honestly thought it's an early 2000s game or one of those shitty copy paste mobile games everytime I see them, as someone who loves art Scott really undermine his cover very much for a game with a deep and provoking story.

  2. As someone who works in a game store, the amount of times that I’ve had to organise the secondhand games and have to Really Stare at the COD games (esp black ops 3 and 4) coz the covers are So Similar that sometimes i cant tell which one is which. Like genuinely the main difference between them is one is III and the other is IIII and thats not always easy to discern coz the font they use makes it hard to see (and the disc image is smaller than the box art too)

  3. Don’t know what else to comment so what’s your favorite video game cover?

  4. I’m surprised you didn’t really mention how game covers look different in other regions a lot covers look so much better

  5. I don’t really mind the nba one it’s simple and you know what you’ll be doing because it’s basketball

  6. I disagree with you on the COD and Doom 2016 box arts. All COD needs is a person holding a gun because what you will be doing in the game (story, zombies or multiplayer) is shooting things. I even think that having a silhouette of a person is better than someone identifiable (outside of the mw reboot) because it isn’t too personal. It allows the cover to mold into the person looking at it because COD isn’t about identity. With doom 2016 I think that only showing the doom guy is great because it is his grand return. It’s a reboot and it needs to be instantly recognizable

  7. Call of Duty boxes are effective because it lets the younge dudes who play see a cool broody man with a gun and they can be like ‘oh I want to be him’

  8. Great video, just want to let you know that there is someone reposting your content on tiktok

  9. For the fnaf "bad covers" those arent supposed to be covers, theyre icons for the game on a desktop or phone. Dont get why the small boxes need to be cryptic images.

  10. I like how COD cold war actually tried something different

  11. Somebody stole and reuploaded your video on tik tok

  12. Not having a single racing game cover art on here is low-key a L

  13. someone on tiktok is reposting your content in parts, aperently they've hit at least 12 parts

  14. You gotta look at the reversible covers for the Spiderman PS4/5 games

  15. For RE4 although I love the PAL Version. I think the GameCube and PS2 are more representative of the game.

  16. Very informative and entertaining video! Just made a video myself with the ugliest video game covers and therefore stumbled upon you.

    Liked the video and subscribed to your channel. 🙂

  17. The modern warfare cover may be simple but at least it has effects in the background rather than a blank one like the box art for batman

  18. U have a point about the blandness of cod covers

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