The Lost Art of RPG Maker Games -

The Lost Art of RPG Maker Games

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Who knew pixels on a screen could be so scary?

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After 2 months of work, my longest video ever is finally here- in this video I cover what goes on during the creation of a video game then go over how that ties to the nostalgic RPG Maker games of old, such as Ib and Ao Oni amongst others. This video is filled to the brim with spoilers and has been a long time coming, so I hope you enjoy this long look into your old favourite RPG Maker games! Also a big thank you for 200,000 subscribers, I appreciate you guys so much- here’s to many more in the future!


  1. A h-game… is an amazing game in rpg maker only touch if 18+ its called mgq paradox… its a beautiful semi sequel.
    dude put a saya no uta reference into his video he has to add a mgq reference into another as thats also a beautiful story for different reason.

  2. ya know i,,,,i hope they play hello charlotte that stuff is a banger

  3. I'm still pissed that "Ib" should technically be EVE

  4. A bit disappointed OFF wasn't mentioned, especially since it's one of a very few RPGmaker horror games that utilize battles, and well.
    Another one being Endroll and it's creators other similar game Farethere City.
    Still, if I had to pick a personal favorite, it would have to go to Purgatory, both 1 and 2. But I'm not sure why…

  5. He mentioned OneShot! 😀

  6. I hope ao onis ankles are healed after all this time

  7. Im rly surprised no one mentioned about Faust Alptraum D;

  8. Hey man next time you have a definition on the screen make for a bit longer so we don’t gotta pause lol

  9. The Ib ost in the intro gave me an instant fight or flight response

  10. As someone who made an rpg maker horror game last year this video was a big help for finding inspiration on how to build on what other games have done so thank you.

  11. You might call it a lost art but I'm too busy on the Impostor Factory hype train.

  12. I know you live in 12345 main street LETS GO RAID HIS HOUSE!

  13. I loved watching lps of ib and Misao. Definitely my favorites.

  14. I think most of us can agree that mogeko castle is by far one of the most underrated RPG games next to Panasonic

  15. why did yume nikki need an english translation if theres no dialogue?

  16. Yeah bye-byeWhat am I watch videos on there at the end I get boiled and I don’t really hate that and I will do you the ending David do I can you rap like your video are you where do you play ball game they get all the engine

  17. I swear I found a blond girl once in yume nikki but not the one in the house!!

  18. please play pocket mirror!!
    OR Hello charlotte

  19. It was such a long intro, but then I look at the timeline… Damn, I wasn't ready for that.

  20. Bro SCP CB: Hella scary from that fucking weeping angel peanut thing

  21. the memory of the time my dad lost me in tesco when i was 9 genuinely does feel like an rpg maker horror game. i was always terrified of the loudspeaker announcements for some reason

  22. My fav rpg games are
    Project kat
    Mad father
    I forgot Other ones

  23. Was that infected mushroom on the 4K Panasonic tv ?

  24. Pretty sure Ao Oni also got another fanmade (is it fanmade?) game called Heta Oni, which is a crossover between Hetallia (did I spell it right?) and Ao Oni.

  25. mario the music box is bussin boys

  26. how many fart noises is this dude going to throw in a single video

  27. ok so I look thafine up and it’s not that bad

  28. Ao Oni was the first rpg horror game I’ve ever watched and I fell into the rpg horror game abyss and I don’t regret it. ❤️

  29. Man really didn't talk about off

  30. man, the video editing of young people these days is so tryhard and obnoxious i feel like im the one with the fucked up attention span. how do you kids keep up with all this nonstop 1 meme per second shit. briefly screaming hysterically several times a minute.. but the vid itself is 40 min. …???

  31. every time I google Thafnina and select images I primarily get an oil tanker as a result

  32. I honestly thought this was going to be about the rise, & fall, & rise again of RPG Maker itself. Well, at least RPG Maker has had a rise.

    cries in RSD Game-Maker

  33. 23:37 Aaah! Visser Three!
    All of the sound effects make watching your videos double the fun. Reminds me of Beakman's World.

  34. They are still huge. Look at pocket mirror and purgatory


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