The Future Of Creativity - Chat GPT, AI Art & Game Dev -

The Future Of Creativity – Chat GPT, AI Art & Game Dev

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Chat GPT and AI Art is about to completely disrupt Game Dev and the Creative Arts. What you need to know.

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  1. Agreed on the 'missing a spark' element. It's recycling creative concepts, which isn't really creative at all. But awesome nonetheless, and I would NOT want to be a sixth form essay marker or examiner right now!

  2. I love your feedback on this tech, hope you cover more of it and how it can work for game development/design…

  3. I think it will open up a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities, for sure! I think it could be seen similarly to how revolutionary the T- Rex was in Jurasic Park or the T100 in T2 – changing the way design could be done: the tools, the process … It's a chance to evolve and learn something new and, considerably, quite powerful. Interestingly, any retro / old school style of design (or games) will possibly stand out even more as this technology grows, especially if it does become very recognisably AI. I am making a very old school / Myst-Riven style game called Neyyah, and this goes back to the screen to screen slideshow style gameplay, as opposed to the hugely saturated Unreal / Unity route of real time. So as this technology advances, those older primitive 'charming' styles of games (art, music … whatever it may be) will definitely mean more too, and I feel come across as even more unique and powerful 🙂 It's the effect of 'following the herd' mentality. While everyone's moving forward, taking a step back might be all it needs to actually make something very different and catchy too! 🙂 But I can definitely see AI being wonderful for the concept art / design side of work.

  4. Wow, I had to turn it off at 5:27. When you ask it for architecture ideas, it gives the shittiest, faddiest, group think garbage ideas that have been proven to fail. One of the great "achievements" of our time is the realization of how crappy "Design Patterns" are, and how backwards/counterproductive Object Oriented dogma is, and we are finally starting to get back to time-honored principles of CPU programming, instead of language/gimmick/fad programming. And now this hokey AI is regurgitating all the bad ideas from the past 20 years. We are going to go back decades if this catches on…

  5. I personally enjoy organic creations manifesting from my brain. Usually when AI technologies are brought into anything dealing with art it most of the time takes away from the beauty of it. So I completely understand how this could potentially affect human culture.

  6. The amount of unemployed people in 5-10 years is going to be astronomical. What the hell are people going to do? This thing is 500x better at coding, dealing with legal work etc, it's over.

  7. I guess there will be a lot of projects where people do what they want and leave AI for rest?

    I am a AAA concept artist by day and do an indie game at night. I wouldn't mind AI generating some code but level design and artwork I'd like to do on my own. As AI art stands right now it doesn't do the specificity of what I want for day or night work but I can see non artists working around it the way I work around coding by using premade code assets and breaking them to my liking.

    Concept art likely has least chance of it being replaced in AAA. It's good at generating ideas but when you need specifics, level paint overs, call outs and turn arounds it just has too many specific needs.

  8. it did not take them a few minutes it was a lot of work still to win the competition

  9. The art coming out of AI kinda looks like dog sh*t, but if some robot can help me get the art I draw and design into a game faster, I am all for it. Games should be about art, music, sound effects and creative level design, computers should do the mundane stuff. It's like retopology – I can't believe people out there that actually spend their precious time on this earth sticking planes onto a 3D model – doing something that a computer should be able to do 10000X faster (I'm looking at you Quad Remesher add-on for Blender).

  10. Hi, any update about your game, really love those video

  11. GPT's ideas are pretty generic, but what blew my mind is explaining ideas to it. I told it the symbolism it was going for and he understood then attempted to bring ideas and explained how it would add depth to the metaphor. While his ideas are boring, he can be a pretty smart brainstorming partner.

  12. We will look back at this as one of the worst mistakes in human history…

  13. This is incredible technology, it's not going away so we might just learn to leverage it in the good way. Hopefully it won't lead humanity astray.

  14. remember the rick and morty episode with uni? 😇

  15. well pay 2 earn NFT games gonna love the idea of ai generating them a trashy asset flip game

  16. Unity needs there own AI Bot… especially for the forums

  17. That's definitely not a Gutenberg event — printing press was all about copying process, not creating — but I think it is really close to the Daguerre and Niepce invention. Just learn the history of art.
    1842. The photocamera. It became so easy to capture the world in perfect details and proportions that realism died. In order to fight camera artist went for color and feelings, something that camera could not produce. Thus modernism, impressionism, cubism and so on emerged.
    Now we feed AI with that type of imaginary and receive tons of artsy shits. But its all the same. Too broken, too random, to generic in a certain way. So I think art will become more formal and more determent in its visuals and lines. Ppl will go for something machine can not do cause, again, as it was impossible to fight photocamera with realism, its impossible to fight AI with some random shit. After all, AI is based upon that.
    And good, professional material art, hopefully, gonna be a thing. As it should be.
    As for NFT scum and all that digital schemes, well. Feel sry for you, dear investors.

  18. Well for freelancers it will cut into their revenue – and I think for some it already happened. I'd like to see AI be used for parts of art that I don't enjoy, like marketing or finding clients, but that's just wishful thinking

  19. I think your mindset is right about the tech. The legal issues of the future are going to be a shit show. Using generate AI content has legal implications because the Artists are the base resource for providing their likeness to the content. Like all new things, everyone is not concerned about the IP implications… Yet. What level of "likeness" is not a legal issue, what happens when the randomized style "copies" a real copyrighted source? AI right now is the kid in the class that can copy the best parts of everyone else's work and make the claim that it is their work. If it generated content is not being used for commercial use there is no issue… but when it is being used for commercial content… Lawyers start to get involved. The user using the generated content will have to pay. Have you asked Chat GPT about the legal implications of it's work? 🙂

  20. Thank you for this very balanced and smart take on the AI evolution.

  21. All I can see is as the AI get smarter. Humans get stupider.

  22. there is no AI here, just another street robbery .. what are the model who permit the answer of the AI ?
    there is a lawsuit against copilot or chat gpt YES there is…
    they stole every free content github stackoverflow and you watch that's .. hey look at buddy there is AI 😂😂
    hey look at buddy there is no reference they probably produce all this content by herself 😂
    hey look at buddy there is a covid vaxxine produce in 6 month by a company who never produce a vaxxine (moderna) another dream. You just look at satck overflow compilation the best answer but no one never no that's adrian who put this answer everyone believe than open ai produce it

  23. The ai art quickly falls apart as soon as your client starts asking for revisions. If you can add human input to change it to get exact details, it's no different than modern photoshop at this point.

    In regards to chatgpt, it's an amazing tool and I use it every day. In the long run, I think it'll enhance human knowledge instead of detract. So many questions I've had answered immediately where other methods failed for me.

    Overall, all of this AI is based on human input. If that dries up i.e. blogs and websites go away, the AI data will dilute. The future is going to be interesting for sure.

  24. There will always be people who abuse tools and use them in ways they shouldn't.
    Regardless of that, I think this is an amazing tool and I'm excited to use it on future projects 🙂

  25. blogs and websites wont be obsolete. ChatGPT uses these as inputs. If you remove the inputs, you remove its value. AI still needs input to generate content.

  26. It's definitely amazing at what it does, but since it's trained on existing material I don't think it'll completely take over for human creativity. People need to make the content that trains the model, so newer versions of game dev software and programming languages will need those "initiators". Looking at Stable Diffusion, we might also see content creators who exclude their works from the AI training (like Greg Rutkowski), and there may be legal ramifications in not doing so. There's also the chance that – given how disruptive this is and the nature of our capitalistic society (with ChatGPT already being valued at $29 billion) – it could eventually be locked away from most of the world behind financial walls. You also have people who prefer human connection in their day to day lives (just look at all the backlash against the McDonalds that went fully automated last month.) In any case, the future of humanity is going to be filled with an endless supply of Turing tests.

  27. Even if new original art would dry up, the AI's art would still change and evolve – mainly because it also learns from the ai created art itself, which is ranked by humans in terms of it's "quality".

  28. In 10 years AI can generate console game in seconds

  29. Try getting a list of something common AND THEN, tell it to give it a <blank> twist. I recommend Christmas as really great blender. I did give me 10 RPG spells with an evil Christmas twist and it gave fantastic results.

  30. My imagination leads me to believe that artists will stop posting their content in any public form until they've licensed their artworks to one or more of the AI engines. AI engines will start to pay artists pretty decent (%) for referenced original works because it feeds into their systems viability. Artists will win the battle of copyright and we'll end up in a race between whoever can coordinate (create a shared revenue stream) the fastest with artists. Once artists realize they can sell their art multiple times, everyone wins I think.

  31. It would be nice if npc have gpt chat in it and give it a personality and their own mine. Have their own thing to do have an ability to live like a real.human or player

  32. I found out that the idea it give to you it give to everyone .

  33. I am working on a game using AI Art. I have tried Dall-E, Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney (which works the best for me since it looks the most "artistic"). The thing is, at this point, all three are not yet ready for the task. It is very hard to impossible to keep consistent. And it might sound dumb but it is a big amount of work. Although I would consider myself an "AI whisperer", it takes me on average 6 hours to get one image, that, all things considered, I really can use in-game. This is a lot of time – a skilled artist could do better. There is one more step to be taken to make these AIs really helpful – the implementation of the iterative process. So you don't have to discard an image that is almost perfect but has one or two "bugs".

  34. i can totally see ai art being a new source for temporary assets while you see if the game is fun, especially if something that generates meshes becomes available

  35. Due to how these "tools" were created being trained on artist's work without their knowledge or approval I don't think I can get past the ethical problem of using them. The art looks damn impressive but It feels like it's been created from a kind of giant theft machine.
    Alarmist? Maybe, resistant to change? Maybe, but still it's not ok for the art tools to be trained on copyrighted works and the artist never had a say in it.

  36. Imagine when the whole world is starting to just making questions to such a system and never giving any answers any more on the Internet, also the answers of the system will degenerate and stick to the today's Knowledge of the Internet because the answers of the system sticks to the Knowledge that is available on the Internet. Real evolution still comes from nature.

  37. right now openai is at "capacity", over used 🙂

  38. It better not go behind a pay wall; how could they possibly justify doing such a thing that was created off the backs of the general public? I believe as well that they were also granted public funds for research and even had laws put in place to lessen the restrictions of copyright specifically for research; how can this morally go from public funded research to a commercial product, given what it is?

    Anyway, I'm predicting something of a new Luddite movement, or arts & crafts movement, as AIs encroach more on our lives.

  39. Using it at all is unethical because of the investors behind it. As usual a dumb public is gonna make the wrong people into multimillionaires. Not to mention algorithms are fed by harvesting our online activities. It's yet more piracy legitimised by offshore wealth hoarders. Wealth is going to be further maldistributed, ecosystems destroyed further and yes – art destroyed and cultured transformed faster than as a species we can benefit, similarly to food processing and stresses in the last century that are more than our bodies could adjust to. Hell of a time to be alive.

  40. Quite apart from the devastation to culture and the planet this wealth and IP harvesting causes via AI corporations, it seems it is in an era of appeal to laziness. The biggest wealth hoarders on the planet have capitalised on the general laziness of people, "I only want to drive to one store, hell I don't even want to drive, I'll just browse, hell I don't even want to browse, I'll just have my usuals and maybe new stuff suggested by algorithm, hell I don't even want the stuff suggested just deliver it, yes I'll subscribe and here's what remains of my independent thought processes given to you in all my online data, have it all, I donate it, I agree to the terms. Hell why am I giving you my valuable data when I can pay you to syphon it from me 24/7? Shut up and take my money, my data, my future." The only exception to this pattern is if it's not always laziness but exhaustion, brought on my this very culture, people on the whole working longer hours to pay higher rents and utilities. Some will argue it's neither laziness nor exhaustion but effeciency. Efficiency for whom? To what end, this efficiency? It used to be said that work would be automated so we could have leisure, now increasingly leisure is automated. Perhaps the last vestige is 'thought' & now we see that automated. Yet all the while oligarchs monopolise and legislate so they're the ones who truly profit. This may cause so much cultural disruption that we'll fight more of their wars, not forgetting in some godforsaken sweatshops out of sight some poor humans are doing all the 'making' really. But crypto bros and silicon valley types have an utter blindspot for all that.

  41. I have been using it to revitalize an old project and man is it good. But only if you know what you're doing when programing.

  42. i think that when AI can make whole games,
    i will still want to play human-made games

  43. I enjoyed trying gpt chat until it was overloaded with traffic and shut down. I was a bit reserved in how I used it. I can see in these comments that some people were able to use it better than I did just by how they've described their experience. Even though A.I. is super powerful, I still think that it's going to take a wise and skilled person to use A.I. effectively to help design games. I can look at my own project and see that I probably should use it some way in game design. For example, I have a very well designed race track that's the base of my entire game. It also fits a single screenshot. If I could input this image to A.I. along with a useful description of the game, I'm sure the A.I. could make countless track concepts that I could base my future track designs on. Same with my android stadium crowd. I spent countless hours designing a block of 48 androids that I copy to fill the stadium. I only have 37 completed in the modeling block, because damn… it's really hard to design 48 of anything. Is it possible to input your own images to process A.I. content yet?

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