The Death of Video Game Box Art -

The Death of Video Game Box Art

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  1. What's the music at the start? It sounds familiar. Is it from final fantasy?

  2. I'm dying of laughter whenever Bring Me to Life start playing

  3. Summary: Japan knows how to make good box art

  4. I’ve always loved the final fantasy cover art specifically the steel books

  5. Constantly hear FF7 music and Evanescence in the background.

    I see that you are a man of culture.

  6. I would rather drive to gamestop and buy a physical copy of a game for 5-30$ rather than buy a digital one for 40-60$

  7. I find it funny Halo: combat evolved has amazing box art showing you all kinds of aspects in the game, but by halo 2 Bungie decided the logos were more important

  8. I find the American box art of RaC Tools of Destruction pretty good imo, even prefer it to the European box art.

    Crack in Time though… 🤮 It may be my favorite game of all time but that box art SUCKS

  9. NakeyJakey, Scott the Woz, and Dunkey have all done videos on video game box art. While they've all said many of the same things, they've also all had some unique insights, and have communicated their thoughts with wildly different, and wildly entertaining, videos.

    And each one of them has shit all over Mega Man 1, which is hilarious.

  10. Doom Eternal on the other hand…

    Holy crap that box art is legendary

  11. Fifa 21 unironnically has possibly the worst game cover for a mainstream title I've ever seen

  12. What's worse is the complete abandonment of the little booklets you got with the game that had artwork, story and character info, hints and tips etc.

    Made the games themselves collectables. Now it's just meaningless plastic.

  13. The European box art for Mega Man is le pretty good.

  14. Doom eternal might have my favorite box art of all time. It feels just like the game, it's just hordes of demons surrounding and attacking the slayer with the marauder being humiliated. Just like the game.

  15. It blows my mind I know all the songs used in this video

  16. Remember when you actually went to buy games and not just download it on steam?

  17. skyrim is maybe the most memorable for me, just the simple icon of the dragon

  18. At least the Japanese Bloodborne cover art actually represents the environment it takes place in, unlike the white cover art.

  19. final fantasy royal edition box art is pretty cool tho

  20. Remember when you preorder a game and get like 10 go of art

  21. Breath of the Wild US was better than PAL though

  22. This is why I love Steelbooks! For the most part, they still have amazing art. One of the examples you gave – Dark Souls 3 – has an awesome steelbook edition. Same with Uncharted 4 and so many others.

  23. For those wondering about the song at the end (9:10) The song is "Like the wind" from Gran Turismo

  24. I live in America, and I approve this message!

  25. Why does the Japanese get all the good shit???

  26. Kingdom hearts has my favorite box art for 1 and 2

  27. Alright, now when I think of amazing box art I think of Halo. Halo had box art with meaning if you take a minute to look at it, the feeling, the scenario you can interpret, and what’s in it. The new games suffer but Infinite looks amazing if you look around. Amazing!

  28. I think that the stereotypical box art of protagonist which gun tend to work when the game is a heavily character driven storyline

  29. My favourite box art are the elder Scrolls games from morrowind onwards. They look like ancient books that have been lost for centuries

  30. I'm sorry but Bloodborn'e cover art is fantastic and suits the game perfectly.

  31. Ori has beautiful cover art. Some indy devs still doing it not only as a way to make money, but understand the players as they themselves were and are

  32. Americans just use the old Star Wars movie model of all their box arts, which has most important character on top and the biggest in size, then it comes in a triangle shape to make it look epic, but that only works for Star Wars, Marvel has been doing the same thing.

  33. I like resident evil 2 and 3 remakes cover arts

  34. The two most recent cover arts I’ve seen that I think are the coolest are far cry 5 and doom eternal

  35. this video is still so good!! would love an updated version of this video talking about the good/bad art of the tiles on online stores/streaming services. Every time I pull up Netflix I see so many that are just awful.

  36. i guess we gotta add another war crime on americas list

  37. *complains about game cover art just being a title and the main character.

    *shows super mario bros. 3 box art while referring to “amazing box art”

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