The Death of Video Game Box Art -

The Death of Video Game Box Art

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  1. My guess is that people just don't buy games based on the box art anymore. It's either digitally, or purchased and delivered online. While, it absolutely sucks for anyone grew up collecting game boxes, it's overall more pro-consumer to advertise games through game info, gameplay trailers, early access footage.. than just box art

  2. most old ones are ugly as fuck or covered in text (like daggerfall… even though the actual art of the underking is cool)

  3. Sports games have definitely fallen off a cliff in terms of fun and box art… But imo all the uncharted games had good box art… But like you said this is all super subjective

  4. Came back here in 2021, its strikes again with the tales series. arise have abandon the water color style cover art, as a long fan its quite sad but still will play the game.

  5. i just want to buy lots of japanese games jst for the cover art and replace it with what we got in the west. For games like castle vania symphony of the night and resi 4 and ICO.

  6. No more heroes 3 is going back to the roots with an actual comic illustrator drawing the cover

  7. I mean, when you play the game and its shit, you can still showcase the great cover in your room

    Now we dont even have the luxury for that

  8. I get the face thing but I think the Alien:Isolation one kinda works for it

  9. The Brash Paintings of Snake in MGS games are some of my favorite art covers

  10. Then you look at breath of the wild, and notice the three unique and beautiful box arts it has….

    My favorite is the climbing cover

  11. "NES, SNES and the Genesnes"


  12. what i do is draw my own cover and slip it behind the plastic covering…

  13. This video is old but I just want to get to the bottom of the U.S. dark souls box art
    in short the knight is presumably Artorias walking into the abyss. Although it hasn't been proven there is some strong evidence that can support the chance that this is in fact Artorias and it boils down to looking at the shield and sword in his hands. Shield in the right sword in the left there has been a theory that Artorias was actually left handed but due to his broken arm he wasn't able to use his dominant hand to wield his sword and that is why the shield is in his right hand and not his left in the cover. The second thing that can prove this is the type of shield and sword the character is wielding. A greatshield and greatsword that look exactly like the pair that Artorias uses in game. Even with that knowledge they did him dirty with that box art tho. Like a cover for the abyss could've and should've been so much cooler.

  14. i think what makes me really sad is i have noticed a lot of game cases i own have GORGEOUS cover art……. hidden on the inside. like if you have an old copy of bioshock infinite from the 360 i urge you to go open it and check the BEAUTIFUL artwork that you can flip it inside out to. that is way more indicative of the themes and era the game is set in. even recently i got a physical copy of spider man miles morales, and there is a great comic art style version of miles popping against a bright red background as an alternate cover….. and it's wasted because the regular cover is just the cgi model against a grey nyc backdrop. nier automata game of the year edition has a beautiful alternate cover which is 2b standing in front of the overgrown ruins of the castle and looking at a forlorn machine trapped among the vines and that captures the themes of the game way more than the generic art of just all the characters on the front does. and they are definitely intended to be alternate covers because they have the title on the inner spine. so i really… hate that there are clearly artists working hard on these alternate covers that perfectly capture the mood of the games and have artistic flair and they're being hidden away inside like the ginger stepchild.

  15. I'm getting mad sequelitis vibes from this vid.

    And I love it.

  16. PlayStation are slightly bringing it back now because some of their exclusives have reversible art that are better than the main cover

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