The best software for making 2d & 3d game art - How to get started in game development -

The best software for making 2d & 3d game art – How to get started in game development

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How to get started creating video games in 7 easy to follow steps:
◆ STEP 6 – art tools & software – The best software for making 2d & 3d game art

► Whether it’s 2d or 3d, art, like programming, is an essential part of almost every game. From characters to environments and menus to vehicles, art in games can sometimes rely on a variety of different softwares, tools, & skills that you need to, at the very least, familiarize yourself with.

The first question you need to ask & answer is, do I want to make a 2d or 3d game? 2d & 3d art rely on completely different softwares & skills you need to learn.

► The 7 steps to “How to get started in game development”, are:
◆ Passion & dedication
◆ Idea & concept
◆ Hardware
◆ Picking & learning a game engine
◆ Sound tools & software
◆ Art tools & Software
◆ Programming & Scripting


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  2. Really good video, please continue to do some good videos, so that new game developers wont lost their track

  3. wrong info about maya tho, they dont offer free versions anymore unless your school is registered to their database

  4. can you suggest me a software (2d) for making game like among us. please and nice video helpfull

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  6. Which type of 3D Software is used in WWE Raw 2002 & WWE Raw 2 Games??

    Which 3d software is used to open .FML 3d Character Model File?

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