The Best 15 Martial Arts Games -

The Best 15 Martial Arts Games

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Martial arts have informed all media for years, and video games are no different. And while games are yet to have anything approaching the iconic quality of martial arts movies, there have still been some great ones over the years. Here are fifteen such games.

00:00 Intro
0:24 Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
1:45 Shaolin Vs Wutang
3:40 Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate
4:37 TEKKEN 7
5:47 Shenmue III
7:24 Yakuza 0
8:39 9 Monkeys of Shaolin
9:36 Absolver
UFC 3 (Video has been Removed)
10:47 Kings Of Kung Fu
11:38 Overgrowth
13:12 Kung Fu Strike
14:11 Redeemer
15:34 Shuyan Saga

Suggest your thoughts… and what’s your favorite game

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  1. Sleeping dogs … It's too violent.the way he crush head between car door

  2. You forgot about "Jet Li: Rise to Honor" for the ps2 man….

  3. Missing Jade Empire, my man, gotta mark that a fail.

  4. absolver is the best martial art game out there and I cant wait for Sifu, made by the same people. its gonna slap

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  6. No Supremacy, Jackie Chan StuntMaster, UFC 3 Undisputed, or Rise To Honor?

  7. No virtua fighter 5, deepest fighter of all time, and love to guilty gear franchise ofc in term of 2d fighting…. But hype over matter and death is still the name of peasant naive approach. My condolences, really… For the lack of taste, weak-ass idiots…

  8. You forgot Dead or Alive, it has natural speed moves, unleveled grounds and high interaction with ambient. Mortal Kombat should not be on the list, the moves are robotic, it only sells because of fatalities.

  9. Just started the video, but I hope Matrix Path of Neo is in here

  10. sleeping dogs. i loved it
    a shame there is no second part 🙁

  11. N all this games from this list is for wt system

  12. Rise to Honor is missing, aswell as Jackie Chan:Stuntmaster

  13. The yakuza series probably should be half of this list

  14. Def Jam Fight For NY should of been on this list.

  15. I knew sleeping dogs would be on here cause I play the definite edition every day it's Soo fun especially the Martial arts clubs when beating them

  16. We need more Kung Fu games there aren't enough of them

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