The Best 15 Martial Arts Games -

The Best 15 Martial Arts Games

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Martial arts have informed all media for years, and video games are no different. And while games are yet to have anything approaching the iconic quality of martial arts movies, there have still been some great ones over the years. Here are fifteen such games.

00:00 Intro
0:24 Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
1:45 Shaolin Vs Wutang
3:40 Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate
4:37 TEKKEN 7
5:47 Shenmue III
7:24 Yakuza 0
8:39 9 Monkeys of Shaolin
9:36 Absolver
UFC 3 (Video has been Removed)
10:47 Kings Of Kung Fu
11:38 Overgrowth
13:12 Kung Fu Strike
14:11 Redeemer
15:34 Shuyan Saga

Suggest your thoughts… and what’s your favorite game

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  1. Virtua fighter V has to be top of the list. Let’s see..

  2. Really you can’t have tekken above virtua fighter when talking martial arts.

  3. most of these games are from Chinese? Or do the characters just know Kung Fu?

  4. "Urban regin" is nomer one. This lis is bad👎

  5. Jet Li’s Rise to Honor is better than every game on this list… Yet it didn’t make the list…😑

  6. Never understood the Yakuza games combat popularity.. There is absolutely no impact when you hit people. Always feels floaty like I'm punching and kicking air! Just don't know why no one else ever seems to bring this up? It's very flashy but very unsatisfying.

  7. Some of these games look/are complete trash lmao. Such a weird list

  8. Not including International Karate for the C-64, displays the utter lack of legitimacy of this list and channel.

  9. leaving a like cuz Absolver made into this list

  10. Shaoling vs wutang looks like trash… actually the majority of this games are trash.

  11. think my favourite martial arts game ever is Panza Kickboxing on the Amiga. aka Best of the Best… not sure which console it was ported to though

  12. For me it is King of Fighters Maximum Impact 2 and taekwondo. I am 29 years old virgin guy and some people always say games are for kids but well games are meant for martial arts too. Martial Arts, Wrestling are not only for kids and so does video games. Combat for all ages – child or adult.

  13. ha ha ha ha !best martial arts game …..URBAN REIGN!PS2

  14. Better not see that Jet Li shit on here

    Edit I didn't thank God.

  15. Why is Sleeping Dogs at the very bottom of the list? This is a crime. It should at least be in the top 10s or in the middle

  16. Rug sleeping dogs was the shit when I never had gta

  17. Kinda upset Jet Li's game didnt make the cut..

  18. Soulcalibur and Virtua Fighter 5 not being on here, are you serious!? And MK Armageddon is a better martial arts representation than MK11. SiFU can be added soon. But anyways, this video fails

  19. Absolver is the best game in this list and its unique.

  20. Where's Mortal Kombat : Shaolin Monks and Jet Li: Rise Of Honor

  21. the only 3 games i absolutely love is yakuza 0,sleeping dogs and absolver

  22. What a pitiful list… sucks that this is what we have to work with. We need more games like sleeping dogs. Proper martial arts action games that feel like youre in a raid movie. Thank god for Sifu cant wait for that one.

  23. We need another sleeping dogs game or something like a great game

  24. Not going to lie, watched Shang-Chi this weekend, now I want to play a martial arts game. Sleeping Dogs and Judgement are looking like the two I'm leaning towards the most, can't decide between them though.

  25. In my opinion absolver Is the Best game of martial arts i have 2 years play this game And Is awesome the combat feel so real pvp Is epic and the story Is good surely have my recomendation

  26. Holy shiat! That volume gap between intro and beginning of the real video blew up my headphones and ears.

  27. Tekken 7 bad rather play jump force. Senmue 3 or whatever too slow rather play street fighter vs tekken. Lost judgement better than the yakuza games. Monkeys of shaolin look ok but I rather play ninja gaiden black or ninja gaiden 2. Absolver bad rather play mortal kombat deception or definitely lost judgement. Rather play Batman games than Overgrowth and a lot of these other ones. Lot of good ones missing and a lot of bad ones here.

  28. It was great 👍👌☺👏😊😀👍👌☺👏

  29. Most of these games are trash… How and why did this list even exist???

  30. Yo you can't tell me Wei is using "non-lethal force" right here, that man is DEAD 0:56

  31. Out of all the martial arts characters you show Rambo lmao.

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