The Bathhouse - A Ghostly Girl Stalks You When You Bathe check behind you / Chilla's Art ALL ENDINGS -

The Bathhouse – A Ghostly Girl Stalks You When You Bathe check behind you / Chilla’s Art ALL ENDINGS

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The Bathhouse is a Japanese horror game created by Chilla’s Art where you work at a Bathhouse for free rent and nothing goes wrong. Video has all endings

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  1. Welcome to the We're Back In Business Club, how We're Back In Business Are ya? (while this was recorded in a hotel room because I had no utilities, this was uploaded from my home and utilities were restored very recently finally as of this video upload time so expect things to resume again)

  2. Woah, one more Chilla's Art game!
    I reeeeally love this dev

  3. As someone who frequently takes onsen at 2-4am, almost always alone, this is going to make it hard to relax for the next few months.

  4. I have a feeling this is setting up another story, Maina might be the ghost of the nxt chilla game or maybe she's still alive and the horror story she's in now is about the whole village where should be no one is living in or a part of the said village and this one only covered the bathhouse part of the village

  5. Well I'm happy the storm didn't get ya… Anyways thanks for the vid

  6. Incase anyone is wondering why he called a dude with tattoos a Yakuza in the game: "Body ink has long been stigmatized in Japan due to its links with the criminal underworld. In recent years tattoos have been associated with country's largest organized crime syndicate, the Yakuza, but their murky history dates much further back."
    Showing tattoos in public is considered kind of inappropriate, if you want to use a bath in Japan but you have tattoos it's best to go to a private one in an onsen (it's like a hotel).

  7. OMG how many time this video is showing in my recommendation I already watch it!!
    stop giving me jumpscare YouTube!

  8. I'm wondering if you cut out some of the customer interactions because there was nothing to them or if it was just toned down in this title. One of the highlights of the Starbucks game was all the weird people and stories that came up throughout the night. Overall Chillas games are always a treat and I'll definitely be buying it to support the dude.

  9. Best asmr video I have ever watched literally put me right to sleep

  10. Wassup bro I REALLY love your vids keep it going by the way my brother said he would subscribe to you if you play a game on Roblox called “the mimic”

  11. So the first two words your landlord says are "You stink." That's just great.

  12. Bruh. I wish a ghostly girl would stalk me when I bathe

  13. Manly's commitment to posting by literally booking a hotel room during a hurricane just to film a video is amazing.

  14. forget about ghostly girl, the landlord approaching about had me jumping the railing.

  15. Genuinely scared when watching this one. The sense of not knowing when the jump scare's going to pop up is really giving me goosebumps

  16. I know it might be a stylized choice. But I personally dislike the way Chilla's art uses shaders. But at the same time, I think that maybe they don't want their shaders to look the way they do. I'm referring to the bloom and reflections.

    The reason I think they might not understand their shaders is because the water in the pools has waves as if it was an ocean.

    I don't know, just seems to me they are using a style they are mistaking for realism. But I could obviously be wrong.

  17. Manly got really sacked this time, huh?

  18. hi manly can you play a mobile horror game called "i became a dog 2" its a CUTE game where you become a dog and nothing bad happens.

  19. the only correct religion is the way of Chillatekes

  20. Day 469 of requesting Manly to not play Amogus.

  21. Good to hear you’re safe, and well👍

    Also, this game made me think about money, and living conditions. I was thinking of Lamy of Hololive. She’s from a rich family. I, mean, her dad loaned her $10,000 for a soundproof roof, just so that she could work on her vtubing career. She’s really fortunate to have a loving and supportive family. ❤

    Other people, not as fortunate. And this game reminds me of it. 😢

    Again, good to hear you’re safe Manly. Now, is Little Witch Nobeta on your radar? That game has Hololive members in it. Anime Dark Souls let’s go!!!🎉🎉🎉

  22. loved the mickey mouse impression when you said fishing fishing pole.made me laugh.

  23. Glad you are safe Manly!! Thank you for continuing to bring us content even in a tough situation! I start everyday with a cup of tea and watching your videos! This one was super creepy, but your letsplays make it easy to enjoy! I've got to watch so many interesting games because of your nerves of steel! Stay safe!

  24. Fascinating video manly.

  25. Japanese ghosts have no chill, there's no reasoning with them and no way to escape

  26. I just discovered you today. Thank you for gaming! I love watching this $hit.

  27. "Can't figure out if this is the bad ending or the good ending"
    Manly in case you haven't noticed, these games NEVER end on a good note
    EDIT: nvm i assumed too quickly, i'm so used to everyone always dying in these games, having watched the tail end there apparently was a good ending, which is very surprising, the good ending was indeed much better too, though i still don't quite understand the story other than the monk and the landlord trying to sacrifice young girls to a ghost, still doesn't explain what the ghost actually was but i suppose that was on purpose, to keep us guessing, either way cool game.

  28. not sure i was ready to hear manly say 'good girl' in an incredibly deep voice, but okay

  29. THAT "WHO'S REM?" comment was entirely uncalled for!!!

  30. Isn't a bathhouse like a place to ….do the sex?

  31. Japanese horror is CREEPY AS FUDGE🙀🫣😱

  32. Love Chilla's Art games. Always happy to see one!

  33. Bro the fact that this popped up as I was scrolling, about to take a shower 😅

  34. 37:23 Those gamer instincts kicked right in.

    Spooky noise?
    1. Move so you aren't a stationary target
    2. Quickly look around and find where the threat is
    3. Back against a wall or the like so you can't be caught from behind

  35. You can leave your bag outside next to the road without it being taken, but you might get killed by a vengeful bathhouse ghost. Japan setting confirmed 😛

  36. I was thinking if this game developer was the same one for the game with Chincilla cafe game.

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