The Art of Rigging NBA Games -

The Art of Rigging NBA Games

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How the NBA fixes it’s games and why. David Stern rules.

Will the Lakers make the playoffs? Michael Jordan NBA Finals MVP LeBron James Kobe Bryant Nike puppets


  1. Like yesterdays game with Cavs and golden state. Fuck golden state

  2. The Cavs got screwed last night. That was a charge damn it!

  3. Just came back to this vid from WCF game 7 Rockets, and now the finals game 1.. Refs really like rigging games huh for Golden State. Fuck the Refs

  4. This was obvious to me while watching Kings vs Lakers in 2002.. that was when I stopped following the NBA. I think the NFL does this too and is why they don't want a clear catch rule and why they are now going with the helmet rule.

  5. NBA isn't rigged. People make mistakes. This isn't NBA 2K where a computer is reffing and it can be perfect. Anything requiring judgement is prone to errors. Lots of it.

  6. This video is absolutely ignorant. It didn't prove shit.

  7. Cavs vs Warriors Game 1 last night proved the NBA is a cheating circus. It was an officiating abomination against the Cavs.

  8. I think they fix Spurs games to make kids think the basics were important otherwise young kids wouldn't believe they had a chance of making the NBA and to keep people thinking team ball was better then star power as well as what was said in the video

  9. This video doesn't show the art of anything. Not very well done, I hope nobody allowed this video to sway their opinion.

    I'm not saying either side of the debate is right or wrong, just that this video is shit.

  10. 2018 finals better go 7 games 💵 😂😂😂😂

  11. 2018 NHL finals better go 7 games😂😂😂😂😂

  12. This needs to be made more public. It’s unbelievable that some are still in denial and don’t want to believe it. 2000-2010 were the worst years for fixed games. The David Stern effect.

  13. 2002, 2006, 2007, 2010 – some of the absolute worst playoff fixes in the history of professional sports.

  14. It ain't rigged besides referees you damn casuals. Just cause the referees favor super star calls doesn't mean it's rigged. That's a mute point. Oh please like because of a half of a dozen unfavorable calls, you gonna call it rigged haha. Rigging never changed a playoff series. For all the "fake" calls there's probably 90 percent real calls.

  15. Just realized rockets got screwed this last series against the warriors. I knew what was happening, but could only watch in horror at the calls or the "no calls" rather. Really sad to watch, considering we had a better team.

  16. This year it's the WARRIORS getting the calls and we all know it.

  17. Some white people are the most greediest,deceptive,and immoral people on the earth!!And then get a attitude when they are exsposd

  18. Jordan wouldn't of quit for 2 years if that was the case smh..

  19. The NCAA Championship was the same way this year. Michigan came out on a tear and threatened to blow out Villanova early. Next thing you hear……, nothing but whistles. What the morons didn't understand was that Villanova was too strong a team to lose the momentum once it was given to them. So, by trying to prevent a blowout, they created one.

  20. Read Tim DonAghys book with an open mind. NBA terribly corrupt. Not sure about NFL

  21. Cavs vs warriors two days ago was obviously rigged, who changes a charge call late in the game and no fouls at all but as soon as curry weak ass get TOUCHED the whistles go off

  22. 2002 was a joke. I remember when Bibby broke his nose on Kobe's elbow but was still called for a foul. The Kings were robbed. Jordan was protected and promoted. Everyone likes to believe he was the best. I'll take Bird or Magic anytime.

  23. Just witnessed game 1 of 2018 NBA finals. Have to agree with you.

  24. 2006 NBA Finals was scamming at its finest

  25. Gsw vs cavs are worst. Vs houston aswell. Fuck GSW and their bandwagon fans.

  26. They robbing lebron right now because he is in jordan ass rightnow.

  27. After watching gsw getting all the favors vs houston now against lebron.amd the cavs. Nba is totally rigged. They are obvious right now. Disrespectfull for the athletes.

  28. Even the recent match up with cleveland and pacers In the playoffs in where victor was the leader and had the urge to wanna go forward but got a foul on everything and had to sit out in the early stages of the game. NBA IS FAKE

  29. My dad is NBA referee and he tells me how all the NBA referees are riggeing the game for gambling benefits.


  31. You dumb bastards, they don't fix "games" it's never a "make x team win"…no, the refs that fix, they fix THE SPREAD!!!!;. There's no money and no way to fix a game, they fix the spread!!!!! How do I know this? I just know…..

  32. It’s seems that in general throughout sports, the more the rules hand tie defense, the easier it is to rig games.

  33. Nba is not the only ones that rig games, the NFL rigs there playoffs and every super bowl is rigged

  34. When the Spurs won it the refs rigged it for them not to help David stern but to ruin the league and reduce it's ratings not my Stern's merits


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