The Art of Game Of Thrones | Artbook Flip Through -

The Art of Game Of Thrones | Artbook Flip Through

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This huge book showcases the concept arts for most of Game of Thrones’ scenes from Season 1 to Season 8. So checkout this art book flip through video to see the insides of this gigantic world of Game of thrones.

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  1. Good book flip through, but I wish they added the real life photos as comparison

  2. Thanks for your review and flip through.Helped me decide whether to buy but decided not to. Great looking book with heaps of colour plates etc so it's wonderful for that and a perfect coffee table book, but I was actually hoping for a lot more concept art – I am a great fan of GOT (apart from the last season) but my passion is concept art in these sort of books .Thanks again

  3. Publisher HarperCollins Publishers ? o Editorial Insight Editions ?

  4. How awesome could an open world GoT game be, like Skyrim.

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