The Art of Flash Games -

The Art of Flash Games

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Flash games have been around for years now, being posted to websites like Newgrounds and Miniclip, and with Adobe Flash Player being discontinued later this year, I take a trip down memory lane and take a look at some of my favourite flash games from the past, from Raft Wars to Age of War, we explore what made flash games so great.

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  1. Age of war is on the AppStore and was my childhood

  2. Even tho i was 3 years old at 2010 somehow i still played the sh*t out of flash games and it always fill me with nostalgia even tho it wasn't that long ago when i last played flash games.

  3. Age of was, raft wars, bloons tower defense. fuck minecraft that was my childhood and im tired of pretending its not

  4. The level of relatibillity is unreal. My school found a website with a bunch of flash games on it called cool math games. It was the perfect disguise

  5. uh i never used flash before but of course when I got mac/computer now that got rid of flash =[

  6. legend says that the joseppi outro music is an angel

  7. Does anyone remember that flash game that looked like an angry birds ripoff? It had silly fun ( a Kevin Macleod song) playing in the backround, each character had their own ability, one was small, one was big black ball, one was a purple one that could survive grey clouds, you had to knock a tower of clouds to win

    Jarsh Finx

  8. Wait till he finds out what happened

  9. Damm, when you said Miniclip i paused and saw me as a kid on the PC playing those shitty games…

  10. I remember when I was going to school that we always made up the excuse that Cool Math Games was just a math website that teaches through gaming to get away with playing on it.

  11. Him: and FLASH games are completely free
    FLASH game called bloons tower def: DUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH

  12. I FINALLY DID IT I found a mobile app based around flash games with 100snof flash game on one app and it is called

    Keep going


  13. rip flash it truly was a major piece in the foundation of my childhood

  14. Your not a good gamer unless you stared on cool math games 😎😎

  15. alot of my favorite coolmathgames games are gone bec of the flash games thing ending support

  16. Flash games are no more advanced than your average mobile game, but they're actually playable without dropping money on premium currencies and ad removal

  17. I wish I remembered the name for one of my favorite Flash game. It was a 3D driving game, the surroundings were all grey, only the vehicles were colored and you'd drive through some levels which would be made of these grey bridges and obstacles.

  18. My long time favorite was Henry stickmin ( I know I’m basic

  19. Man, sometimes i wonder if adobe flash will make a come back

  20. Im german. Does anybody here know Spiele Affe?

  21. Me, who realized i can't play swords and souls anymore : sadness combat

  22. Flash games was the staple of IT classes for any kid born in the 90's-2010 era, they offered simple games fun enough to pass some time in class (we clearly would of never spent learning) without being so complex they need to run in full screen on the worlds super computers. Mildly amusing with some fun creativity to them. It always saddens me to think modern generations will never know the level of fun these offered, sure they look nothing like the new COD or whatever, but they was great for killing time in class or just playing as you spoke with friends after school on instant messenger.

  23. On New Year’s Eve me and my two other brothers spent 3 hours straight until midnight playing and beating as many flash games possible

    Every blooms tower defence
    Age of war on impossible
    Worlds hardest game
    Henry stockman
    Battle noodles
    Sniper team 1&2

    All the classics

  24. hey girl, let's get out of here and go play some flash games yo

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