The 2003 video game box art that changed meme culture forever -

The 2003 video game box art that changed meme culture forever

Nick Robinson
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In the second installment of “THINGS”, I show off two Xbox games in my collection, and the extremely different reasons I find them interesting.
Kinetic Sand coffee table provided by Sisyphus:
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  1. Yo what's that you used for the outro song? It's a total jam! 😄

  2. True Crime was my GTA alernative on the Gamecube and it was not good so I eventually got a PS2 and PSP to really play GTA. True Crime made me buy a PS2 it was so bad.

  3. "can't end a sentence with an adjective"

    Then I guess this sentence is wrong. (Mind you, "wrong" is an adjective.)

  4. @DarkViperAU what timing you playing this game

  5. "I didn't want to pay the exorbitant shipping and handling fees on the figurine, so I booked a flight to Japan…"

  6. I worked at Office Depot back in the day, and as an authorized dealer of Microsoft products, we could do online classes and quizzes and earn points to buy things in the Microsoft store. There were a few xbox games at the time I remember getting, and they all had that sticker.

  7. I won't lie, I'm more impressed that you have one of those kinetic tables filled with sand and the metal ball inside makes the design.

  8. im genuinely surprised i wasnt the only person to notice this

  9. I rented True Crime: Streets of LA when it was new and it was pretty fun at the time. Probably hasn't aged well but for the time it was a decent open world game.

  10. I always wondered why the hand used in those memes had such weird coloration, like it was a black and white image placed in multiply over a single color…

  11. If it weren't for True Crime my pfp might not've existed

  12. I loved true True crime street of LA, and even now somehow it’s changing internet culture actively lol

  13. I found this game at the swapmeat several years ago
    bought it for the meme.

  14. Interesting how Islam is so powerful in the world that niche art becomes unmade when it accidentally offends Muslims but we have prolific games openly mocking many other prominent world religions.

  15. Hey man, you need to change your profile picture because you’re a lot bigger now.

  16. speaking of meme culture, right as i clicked on this video it had exactly 69,420 views. ok

  17. I think one of the true crime games was actually impossible to beat on the Xbox version because of a bug that wouldn’t allow you to beat one of the levels or something. I don’t remember for sure if it was true crime, but I think it was.

  18. Hey Nick, you probably won't see this, but I really love your videos! I love the joy you get from discovering and uncovering interesting parts of internet history and culture – I'm really enjoying this short, casual format as well!!

  19. omg thats a lot of marvel snap… cool sponsor, cool xbox games, cool guy 😎

  20. You're absolutely more than welcome to talk about Phantom Dust as much as you want. I love hearing your passion for that game.

  21. True Crime: Streets Of LA was one of the most ludicrous games I've ever played. It starts off as a GTA clone where killing civilians gets you put on a "Bad" track, while acting like a goody goody brings you to a "Good" ending. The thing is that about 75% of the way though the game everything suddenly shifted wildly and this grounded cop mystery whiplashes into a ghost story. Then the final boss (who we had never actually seen before) crawls out of the wreck of an airplane, loudly announces "I am the General of North Korea," and then fights the protagonist in hand-to-hand combat. It makes absolutely NO SENSE AT ALL. It makes less sense than the original Prey. It's almost worth playing just to see the insanity.

  22. Why do I have the feeling that just like Phantom Dust, this video is gonna break the second hand market again and this will go for $70 to $90 for the next few months?

  23. You ever wanted to do a video on the Pizza Hut demo disc?

  24. I know the original LittleBigPlanet had to be delayed for the same reason due to a song containing a sample of the same sorts.

  25. 10:00 "This game isn't particularly valuable[…]" Oh, so like 5 to 10 bucks, gotcha… "[…] you can find copies on e-bay for 15, 20, 25 buck, maybe 35 […]" OH! So you lied to me…! That's expensive you a game you're downplaying as "not valuable"

  26. This is a great find. I loved True Crime Streets of LA as a kid so I'm glad it has a legacy. The sequel is awful but Sleeping Dogs is a spiritual sequel that is fantastic as well

  27. Streets of LA was a great game, back then at least..
    Can't say the same for the sequel.

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