The 2003 video game box art that changed meme culture forever -

The 2003 video game box art that changed meme culture forever

Nick Robinson
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In the second installment of “THINGS”, I show off two Xbox games in my collection, and the extremely different reasons I find them interesting.
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  1. Streets of LA was a great game, back then at least..
    Can't say the same for the sequel.

  2. The current "I lied I dont have Netflix" format with the drawn girl uses that hand with the gun, because the artist for that drew over a meme I made with cheems and that hand, and her recreation of my meme became the new standard format.

  3. 7:48

    You are actually kind of right.

    Although, the quran is not "sung", it is "read". The Quran is the words of god and is considered very holy.

    But you probably don't mean "quran" but mean "Athan" which is the call to prayer and is less holy since it is not the words of god but it still should be extremely respected.

    And I would definitely feel insulted and be offended if the Athan was playing as part of entertainment (or even worse as part of a song) because you're taking a part of religion that should not be intertwined with worldly matters and forcefully injecting it there (either through jokes or entertainment or songs) and putting it in a song is definitely even worse as when an Athan is heard you should stop all music until the Athan is finished.

  4. I rented the fuck out of that game from Hollywood VIdeo.

  5. How dare you call Michael Madsen a C-list actor…

  6. Finally a random video of yours without so many views you are hunan

  7. Nick looks like Mr. BEASTS downs syndrome little brother…

  8. I hope developers today don’t pick any piece of music because it sounds “exotic”.
    Reminds me of the use of Bulgarian choirs in Disney’s Brother Bear 🤔

  9. I completely forgot that I played this. I remember it having a soulless environment.

  10. True crime was a fun game back when it came out. I think sleeping dogs is the successor of that game

  11. I always thought those memes were a reference to Dirty Harry
    Even if the memes aren't, the game is definitely inspired by him

  12. Nick Kang, that’s the dudes name in the game lol

  13. I played this game so much as a kid and finding out the gun meme came from this and I had no idea the whole time blew my mind

  14. I love that it's insulting to include the Quran or however its spelled in music but people make fun of Christianity all day every day

  15. Kakuto Chojin was taglined "Fighting Superhero" in Canada… I thought that's what kakuto chojin meant.

  16. i kept waiting for the video to start, but it never happened. this entire video felt like an intro

  17. I think back alley brutal sounds cooler. Brutal back alley sounds dirty

  18. Love this kinda video would appreciate it a bit more if you added clips of the stuffs youre talking about (ik youve added some but would appreciate if it was a bit more)

  19. I played True Crime: Streets of LA when I was a kid and picked it up again recently. Never realised the gun image from the memes was from the box art for that game. I assumed it was from Fallout: New Vegas. Even though both of the True Crime games are a buggy mess, I can't deny the nostalgia I get when I play them and especially when I listen to their soundtracks. Also, the graphics in True Crime: NYC blew my mind at the time. When I saw the reflections on the roads after it had been raining, I had one of those "Yeah, this is the closest to real life games are ever going to look" moments.

  20. This video was b-roll filler for a marvel snap ad.

  21. I used to work for Microsoft I totally would have looked this guy up if I still did lol

  22. hey nick i have a mystery that ive been trying to solve for over a year now and i want to ask you for help is there any way i can contact you? discord? email?

    edit : i put my discord in the replies

  23. It seems to me that the game is heavily inspired from bad lieutenant, the early 1970’s film. All the way from the cover art down to the blurb on the back it shares a lot of parallels with the film.

  24. I love this game unironically (true crime streets of la) unfortunately it’s a son of a butch to emulate it looks like crap and runs like crap. I just want to relive my childhood!! PLEASE

  25. It’s funny because when the memes started going around, I was in denial like “Noo… they didn’t use the True Crime cover for this meme” lol but it was unmistakable because this is one of my favorite PS2 games ever.

  26. true crime is the best game ever . literally (the new york one)

  27. My friend had a copy of this game that we borrowed, you could blow up cars by shooting their tail pipe

  28. mootash… i feel like your about to tell me about your favorite nylon leggings

  29. Fun story, back in the day before everyone had phones or GPS me and my friend went to LA with his dad ( we live outside of la) and we used the PlayStation with a screen on it and were playing true crimes streets of LA, the map is so accurate we were driving the same streets with his dad, we even helped him find the street he was looking for because he was a little lost. pretty cool story lol

  30. The character’s name from True Crime is Nick Kang lol

  31. you could also play as snoop dogg in true crime, who had a full set of lines too. ( i dont remmber how i havent played it in like 20 years.)

  32. You can play as Snoop Dogg and you can Play as a Donkey on True Crime Streets Of LA….for that, it is forever legendary.

  33. I knew this was about the gun the second i saw it 😭

  34. On the source of the image, some xbox games have minor accessible content if you put it in a PC CD drive. Perhaps try that?

  35. Was the cover True Crime: Streets of LA (2003) based on the cover of The Replacement Killers (1998)?

  36. Your camera man sounds like the guy from the action lab

  37. I liked True Crime LA as well as NY. People also forget that sleeping dogs was supposed to be a True crime game.

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