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Sword Art Online Last Recollection – Announcement Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

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The Final Stress Test approaches and the fate of the Underworld hangs in the balance. As the Human Realm and the Dark Territory stand at the brink of war, can Kirito and his allies hope to save their digital world?

SWORD ART ONLINE Last Recollection launches on PlayStation 4 & 5 in 2023!

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  1. Only on PlayStation fr? The last 2 haven’t been so why this one

  2. Looks awesome but we get a new game but not a new season of the anime itself 🤨

  3. Someone with white hair riding a dragon, man they’re original

  4. Is it a new game or it is DLC for Alicization Lycoris?

  5. won't be playing it. i think they should do a sao mmorpg like sao in fac but on console that's strictly online and update the graphics. the weird 3D models are outdated

  6. I never had the drive to finish Lycoris. It was fine just not endearing enough for me personally. Not sure if this one will shape up to be better.

  7. I'm dissapointed in the graphics…it somehow looks worst than lycoris

  8. Wow just rub more salt in the wounds of .hack fans Bandai Namco please just dig it in deeper. I mean you intentionally called this game Last Recollection on .hack's 20th anniversary to get us hyped up only to give that title to an SAO game. Bravo! I knew you were evil geniuses and this will totally get us .hack fans buying an SAO game.

  9. I'm devastated that Last Recollection has turned out to be trademarked for SAO and not a .hack// remaster.

  10. i think at launch it's have a bad optimized same Alicization Lycoris

  11. Just give me Fatal Bullet 2 or at least another game where I can create my own character and adventure with the sao cast. Playing as kirito is so wack.

  12. This is just getting outta hand at this point!!!

  13. So this is sequel to alicization lycoris?

  14. I hope there is a focus on control and values, but don't disappoint me

  15. Whoa I thought this is another SAO mobile game. Now I see this, I'm convinced. Honestly I lost touch on everything about SAO -_-

  16. Please port this to switch console! 🙏🙏🥺

  17. For you guys who want to play sao mmo game, why don't you play integral factor? Are you guys really just gonna ignore it lol.

  18. It's like the last game, seems nothing has changed.

  19. If only the graphics was like genshin impact. Man they had an anime filled with possibilities and they ruined it.

  20. I hope it’s not being done by the same people who did alization lycrois

  21. Coração tá como com esse trailer? Ansiedade o que é isso? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. Bitter sao haters gonna say sao is trash but is one of the animes with lots of games released. Means they made profit 🙂

  23. The developer should include a healing skill and auto-save function

  24. I learned my lesson with Alicization Lycoris so yeah not gonna waste my time on this.

  25. As a long time SAO fan, I’m absolutely getting it

  26. I need to get back to fatal bullet and finish it so I can play the next

  27. Got alicazation Lycoris currently enjoying but I can't wait to pre order this one

  28. not really like this kind of graphic… why sao not make the graphic look more anime like blue protocol

  29. With the announcement of this new SAO, is it official that there will be no more content for SAO: Alicazation lycoris? I want to buy the Game Full Version. I don't like buying the Full version, and then buying more Season Passes

  30. I need iiiiiitttttttt looooool so epiiic <3 I love it

  31. Please put English dub voice acting in this game please Thanks

  32. I love SAO series but let's be honest..
    SAO games are pretty bad..
    I didn't even touch SAO:AL because the visual looks like a Gamecub game and I don't event talk about gameplay who is worst..
    It'll be the same for this one sadly..
    I hope one day you'll be able to do great SAO games and not that thing..
    Making game like this in 2022 it's a shame.

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