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Sword Art Online Games are Getting WORSE

Austin Eruption
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Sword Art Online Video Games are BACK BAYBEE. This time around, Alicization Lycoris is the latest one to sock it to me. Unfortunately, this one might… be the worst one yet. Let’s find out! Imagine how bad a Nintendo Switch version would be? Playing it on the PS5 was bad enough!

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  1. this game sucked. SAO fatal bullet was lit 🔥

  2. Fatal Bullet is pretty good imo, apart from the affinity bs. I've never liked FPS/TPS games, but this one is just fun as hell. I was gonna try alicization since it came after and I mean, who doesnt like swords. Dont think im gonna do that anymore

  3. This is the only sao game I deleted without finishing. It’s just not as good as the original game verse games.

  4. Funnily enough, SAO's original webnovel was written in 2001 and published in 2002… BEFORE .hack. Not a ripoff at all, just an unlucky coincidence that the series that came out before but got adapted after was so bad that it seemed like one.

  5. I was called names because of having the se opinion as you lol

  6. Man I really tried to like the story but damn it’s so awful and the terrible dialogue and the enormous plot holes don’t help either.

    The numerous amount of exposition drags on and on and on, the pacing is so slow. I really tried to like Medina but my god is she badly written and eventually turns into a Kingdom Hearts “OK, I believe you” meme as soon as Hersyrian gets introduced. Can't Cardinal restore her clan as soon as she became the Acting Pontifex? Nah we can't have logic in this game.

    Here’s one of the many examples of how badly written and predicable the story is, and I know for a fact what’s going to happen. (I am in Chapter 4.)

    So in Chapter 2, Eldrie one of the Integrity Knights gets sendoff to Southern empire to investigate and guard the border with the Dark

    territory over there. He gets defeated by a mysterious man and gets trapped ‘Deep Frozen’ into a clamp.

    Chapter 3, Deusoldort one of the Integrity Knights gets sendoff forward to investigate the Northern empire castle due the

    kidnappings. He gets defeated by a mysterious man and gets trapped ‘Deep Frozen’ into a clamp.

    I just started Chapter 4, and this happens: Sheyta one of the Integrity Knights gets sendoff to Western empire to investigate and guard the border with the Dark territory over there.

    I was like: HELLO!!! Have you not learned by now!!! Are we really going to do this all over again! Really?! Can not one of Kirito’s harem go with her or something? Or Kirito himself for god sake! But please don't send her off alone and bring Silica, Lisbeth, Sinon and Leafa with you. (Cause let's be honest, they don't add anything to the story of the game. They are in the game only to be Kirito's groupie, literally nothing else. And therefore could easily be missed. God do I miss Klein and Agil.)

    PREDICTION: She will without any doubt get defeated by a mysterious man and be ‘Deep Frozen’ into a clamp.

    The game keeps using the same setting over and over and over again to progress the plot, but our heroes don’t learn anything from previous mistakes and situations.

    Then there is Kirito himself, in Chapter 2 he defeats one of the strongest beings in the Underworld if not the strongest, the Administrator. Further into the story, he has difficulties defeating a couple of minor monsters and pretty much need all the help he can get. How in the world can his power be so inconsistent?

    Let’s talk about the grind in this game, cause boy there is a lot.

    Grinding EXP to level up.

    Grinding for skill points.

    Grinding to improve weapon skills mastery.

    Grinding to improve weapon proficiency.

    Grinding for weapon bonding.

    Grinding to raise affinity to unlock Arts Code.

    Grinding to get materials to improve you weapons.

    Grinding (Extreme) dungeons to get better weapons because RNG.

    Grinding for area Renown.

    Grinding for crafting skills.

    Grinding for crafting NPC trust to unlock the recipes.

    Then we got the boring side quests with the usual fetch this or kill x. Not to mention the friendship quests all literally play out the same and none of them is memorable at all.

    The inconvenience of Cardinal not being able to fly to the top of the tree, or better yet open a door to it. Like she did earlier in the game when she was able to open magical portals left and right wherever and whenever she wanted it. But nope past Chapter 1 she incapable.

    In Chapter 4 they meet dragon Vallenthor, they ask him why he is using his Lightning because it’s hurting the people and they ask him if he could stop doing that. The dragon says: Nah I won’t stop cause I don’t feel like it, this is my land I can do whatever I want!

    That compelling argument! Top notch writing right there! Also before you meet Vallenthor you briefly encounter Hersyrian and he tells the party that he is in a hurry and doesn't have time to linger around to fight Kirito and CO. During the Vallenthor scene you meet Hersyrian again and now he has all the time in the world and begins a long dialogue session. Pace/timeline wise these encounters don't feel like they are far apart but Hersyrian does a 180 from not having time to having all the time in the world. It feels so off.

    EDIT: Just finished Chapter 4, and yes just as I predicted it. Sheyta gets defeated by Hersyrian and gets Deep Frozen into a Clamp. She wakes up and attacks the party just like Deusoldort did because of Lady Pontifex’s influence. And probably the most stupid thing about this is that Kirito is still surprised this happens even after experiencing this first hand with Deusoldort. And not only that but Deusoldort explains to them that Lady Pontifex influenced him to attack the party. So they should have seen this coming with Sheyta too, but nope. I really thought the writing couldn’t get any worse.

    Why can’t I manually add segments into my Arts Code? It’s a drag to ‘record’ segments, it's so unintuitive.

    When did Kiroto develop Goku's 'hunger' trait? He never had it to this extent in the anime or games before the Alicization Arc. It feels so forced.

    Why are a lot of lines in the story not voiced? It’s weird that in the same conversation sometimes several lines are voiced and some aren’t.

    And what is with the weird beast roar you hear when monsters approach the party during a dialogue session? Every monster has the same roar. Made me laugh when I heard that roar only to fight mushroom monsters after.

    Also why is it that in some friendship quests the game teleports you to the correct area to proceed with the quest while other times you have to manually get to the area to proceed with the quest. Same with fighting monsters, sometimes you have to manually fight them, sometimes they resolve the fighting through the dialogue session.

  7. at least fatal bullet is fun sao fanfiction.

  8. We could use a new game like Fatal Bullet but set in the Alfheim world. Because who doesn't love games where you're avater can fly?

  9. Worse? I'm pretty sure that the first ones weren't good, so damn.

  10. As a huge anime nerd, I've watched all of SAO naturally… & really enjoyed each season, w/ Alicization being my favorite. So I had been thinking of getting this game for awhile, as I beat HF, platinumed Lost Song, & started FB. Hollow Realization tho.. I gave up halfway through due to the boring combat & INSANE affection mini game.

    See, I think these games keep adding the affection bs partly because it's an easy way to pad trophies.. tho the top reason is likely the ppl that somehow get off to the bed scenes. And as a trophy hunter nut, I despise these affection trophies. On HR, it took a good few hours to max 1 char… & there were like 15 to do, Yui included (…yea). On HF, you could button mash w/o looking at the screen, so it was bearable. But on HR, it's so involved that you have no choice but to pay attention to the various pop-up bubbles & meters..ugh.

    Anyway, this review just solidified my decision to not bother w/ Lycoris, aka HR 2.0. If anything, I should return to Fatal Bullet & play through that .

  11. "I don't know what SAO is anymore"

    Its shit. It'll always be shit.

  12. 100% agree with your opinion of pervy anime pushing it. Currently my issue is how many words are in each title.

  13. I think the saddest thing about every Sword Art game to me, is thats its the closest I get to a .Hack game

  14. SAO: Alicazition, SAO: War of Underworld, SAO: Alicazition Lycoris are the worst parts of SAO and have completely don't understand of what the concept of SAO is. I think most Anime games have problems mostly with controls and also especially visuals. I just want a SAO game that allows us to be our own character and have our own story and like a online Open World survival game that takes place in SAO aka 2022 same thing with a Gun Gale Online game but as our own character as the main character. I hate when anime games have these stupid bad dialogue system.

  15. So I bought all of them on steam sale, and I cant beat the tutorial on sword art rehollow. I cant parry the dam attack.

  16. Fatal bullet was the best out of all the Sao games cause the game was about you the player entering the world not being mainly about kirito.

  17. 7:25

    Good thing and bad thing about that.
    The good thing: You seem to be playing in “Lightplay Mode,” which has you run through all the “official story” sections. All the “screenshot” stuff is actual content in regular gameplay.

    The bad thing: Most of it’s still boring as all fuck.

  18. all sword art online games are visual novels with gameplay

  19. i got sao ggo and didnt like it, got sao alterlization, i played 5 hours ALL OF IT WAS JUST DIALOG so i took the game back to game stop and said "am never buying a sao game again" like only shit 5 hourso f game play was me pressing A 247

  20. I think the hate of the anime is meh I personally love it

  21. I dont get the negatives i heard from your video about sao like almost every anime ive seen has almost identical shit XD

  22. you are right….they are getting worse…and almost all suck compared to how much they shouldnt have sucked due to the potential of the series…BUT ….

    …..as soon as you said AAAAAYYYYNE-Cradd ….. i stopped watching and discredited the entire video. have you even WATCHED the series ? your a DUBBED type of individual arent you ….and whats wrong with fan service ? you do know authors that appeal to the largest audience make the most sales and gain the most popularity right ? with ALL groups of consumers.

    stop being so one sided, and try watching these in their original language, instead of being a closed minded american that eats the dollar menu at mcdonalds everyday , and thinks they are saving money …. but isn't
    aware of how much life you just lost by eating it. seriously…that sh*tt doesnt decompose….

    and dont give me that crap that you DID watch these in their original language and practiced some reading once in awhile with subtitles, because if you DID , then you would fu**king know its not called AAAAYYYNNEE-CRADDD

  23. Me playing Sword Art Online game: please…. Please make it stop…….. i cant do it anymore…….. ok ill admit i have a soft spot for Lost Song and i liked Fatal Bullet well enough but please……. No more…….. Lyrocis is proof that this needs to stop…….. no more……. I cant see any more games be buggy messes with awful translations and shitty boring gameplay……..

  24. I still have no idea why these people keep screwing up these games
    Fatal Bullet was so close to being the perfect SAO game imo. It still needed a few tweaks here and there. But just the fact that you got to play as your own OC with it's own story and original characters was a step in the right direction. All they had to do was keep making stuff like that and it would have been great
    But then they had to screw all that up with this game and put you back into the same old junk with Kirito and the gang. I have no idea why they keep putting him in these games. If you're gonna force me to play a ecchi harem game at least give me a self insert I can project myself onto instead of having me play as a taken man lmao.
    Here's hoping they fix things for next time (And this is an SAO game so you KNOW there's gonna be another one)

  25. Too many of you kept asking for this.

    So here it is.

    I don't forgive you.

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