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Sword Art Online and All of its Games are Awful- Austin Eruption

Austin Eruption
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I’ve talked about Sword Art Online before. But you want more, so here it is. SAO is absolutely awful, and the games are just as bad if not worse. Let’s go.

Arcadea is:


  1. Honestly in Hollow Realization, Asuna's and Yuuki's outfit fit well with the medieval and fantasy setting

  2. Honestly when has a ai ally been helpful?

  3. The dating sim waaas probably added because a lot of people just don't like canon, hate asuna, and or extreme shipping

  4. Fuck it. I’ve been enjoying the hell out of these games. The last one alicization is pretty amazing

  5. i dont get the hate
    there are bad anime out there and sao isnt one of them

  6. Am I the only one that genuinely likes this anime?

  7. I've seen so many critiques in SOA and finally I see that someone noticed it was on a good path till ep 3 then turned into a harem, ty

  8. 2 things, Austin.

    1, Agil is married

    2, the dlc did add a boy to hit on: Eugeo. But you have to reach the third DLC chapter to even get him

  9. In a world where women are 50%(and SAO being a Video game they're probably like 80%) of the warriors, Armour that accentuates the female form would actually not be bullshit, just watch 'Female armor: Fantasy vs Reality' and 'Is boob plate female armor dangerous?' by Shadiversity.

    Also I feel saying 'after beating the big bad going back in is stupid' is in itself stupid, kind of like being in a car crash and never getting back behind the wheel, despite it being one of the first things you should do. They have no reason to think going back in isn't safe. Also that's humans for you.

  10. SAO sucks. Tried watching it and couldn't. Got so bored.

  11. i like how they treat the HAND HOLDING thing as a very luxurious aka only the chosen one can get it, some sort of sacred things

    like the dev know that the only people who play this religiously are those people who complete shut in nerd who sweating all over the place and never interact with girls because they are like some sort of extinct species lol

  12. Personally I think Fatal Bullet is pretty cool lol

  13. Ah the far flung days of yore, When video game youtubers decided they all needed to look like memes of feminists… I don't miss those days.

  14. Video just got recommended. I can tell this is going to be very constructive from the title.

  15. I played hollow realization but I turn off kirito's voice .

  16. this is why I hate ppl fatal bullet is literally my fav game now if y’all hate it then your dumb asf literally dumb asf probably should go bl to playing fortnight and stealing ya mums credit card .-.

  17. Thank god im not the only one that think Sword art is stupid also who in their right state of mind adopts a computer program at least not sane people. The show tries to be serious but it´s like they don´t understand the concept.

  18. 16: 26
    Austin: Sword Art Online Sucks
    Me: Yes it doez,Austin. Yes it doez.

  19. I just remembered Amatsuki was also trapped in a VR world.

  20. this will be better with vr and using your voice to "chat" with stalkers

  21. Every time I see one of these games on sale I watch your review to convince myself that it's not worth it, now matter how low the price is.

  22. No one cares about your opinion on SAO, dumbass. If you didn't like the anime, then don't watch it. Honestly, it's people like you that give SAO the reputation that it has…

  23. The turning point for me was when Laughing Coffin, you know, one of the biggest threats to the players in SAO, gets completely obliterated OFF-CAMERA, and only mentioned in a few seconds flashback on the 2nd season, oh but those 3 random assholes looking for a random murderer of a random person that we never see again, that was more important to see

  24. you said sinon was a cutie
    I’m satisfied 😎 lol jk

  25. Least the sao games are better then the dragon ball ones

  26. I tried watching Sword Art Online once, or rather, someone tried to show me the series. I watched a few episodes and back then I found it boring. I felt that the premise wasn't all that interesting, the characters were bland, the hero was a boring invincible character with a cardboard personality who was already good at everything so there was no suspense to any of the fights. I didn't like the world or the art style, either.
    Looking at this video now, I am sad that it is so popular. We have accepted mediocrity.
    And no, I'm not too old. Your anime really does suck. Watch a Record of Lodoss War OVA, or something.

  27. The least bad SAO games are the GGO one and the mobile one, integral factor

  28. I’m surprised there’s no comments saying Agil is married IRL.

  29. The Sword Art Online game's 1st entry in the USA (Hollow Fragment on PS Vita for those who are curious) had an UNBELIEVABLY bad translation in it. It was bad enough that the developers actually made Re: Hollow Fragment as a sort of apology to fans! There's probably still YouTube videos showing the Vita version though if you want to see the bad translation.

  30. SAO abridged handled Sachi better than the actual Anime. Change my mind.

  31. I'm waiting to for a SAO game when you can make your own character and maybe meet Kirito around and be possible to make party with him or have some sort of "boss fight" with him.

  32. Anyone else find it kinda humorous that Sword Art Online legitimately ripped off dotHack, like pretty much plagiarized it, yet became a thousand times more popular than dotHack? Just proves that dotHack had the right ideas but was just ahead of it’s time.

    As for the drastic switch in tone for the series after Sachi’s death, I wonder if that had more to do with publisher/studio interference where they wanted more of a traditional fantasy story and world rather than a deep philosophical and emotional one.

  33. how can you trash a storyline, completely, and be a man and not interested in some tiddies, and STILL pronounce EVERYONES names wrong except the main char that you TRASH so consistently ? watch the anime in japanese, read some subtitles, and pronounce their names correctly if you want anyone else to take your crappy fan service rants seriously. f**king christ

  34. I like the anime and it's not as bad as everyone says. I love the games and they're absolutely horrible (Fatal Bullet is a crazy mess and I've got more than 200 hours of playing time on it).

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