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Squid Game Drawing with Posca Markers! Satisfying (#Shorts)

NashVibes Art
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Squid Game Drawing with Posca Markers! Satisfying! Drawing Squid Game with posca paint pens! Squid Game Netflix show drawing using Posca paint markers! Posca Art!
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Distant by Ghostrifter
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Title: Distant by Ghostrifter Official
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  1. Какие это маркиры

  2. Yak ma chérie ca fait l'objet d'un petit ❤♥

  3. The only thing I think when I see posca maker is how do they smell

  4. ewwww the sound of the marker scribbling on the paper I almost up chucked 🥸🥸👺👺

  5. Dónde conseguiste los plumones

  6. Faz o technoblade 😭

  7. Very satisfying 💯;)⊂(•‿•⊂ )*.✧

  8. Thes markers just never run out of ink!

  9. Do you know they are not red they are not pink sorry I'm not a hater I'm just telling you

  10. Don't sho the results of arts when you opening cap of markers then i wil unsubscribed

  11. Could you draw a girl that has pink hair and purple eyes

  12. I always like your video before it starts because I know it’s gonna be the best piece of art work ever!

  13. When I see black and red I know it’s squid game

  14. А где ты купил такие флотилия?

  15. Актуальные Комментарии says:

    Так раз смотрела игра в кальмара

  16. Where did you get these markers I wanna buy some

  17. Hee dibujas bonito pero aprende español

  18. Lo que me justa del Juego del calamar son los guardias tienen un atuendo que me encanto💕😘😎

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