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Spinch – Psychedelic Pixel Art Platforming Game with Vibrant Visuals & a Very Catchy Soundtrack

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Spinch – A Psychedelic Pixel Art Platforming Game with Vibrant Visuals & a Very Catchy Soundtrack
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  1. Reminds me of that craptastic show problem solverz

  2. I like the visuals, but the music is really grating. It gets really old really quickly.

  3. It almost set off my epilepsy. And I don't have epilepsy.

  4. The music is the complete opposite of catchy tbh, it's pretty bad

  5. Problem Solverz meets Adventure Time meets Midnite Gospel. 🥰

  6. By the looks of the thumbnail, it looks like a cover for a psychedelic album, until I read the title.

  7. Check out Jesse Jacobs' art/comics if you like his designs in this game

  8. The art looks really cool, but the music gets pretty annoying and I feel like the character is too small, I guess. It has a lot of things that could be improved on, but overall it’s pretty good. That’s my opinion

  9. I can just imagine playing this while tripping on lsd or shrooms

  10. The novelty of the art kind of wears off by the third level, doesn't it?

  11. Feels like a fake game they'd put in a Cartoon Network show

  12. I love how you have constant new stuff out, your gameplay is amazing, thank you so much💗

  13. Y'all saying this is like Yellow Submarine, you obviously have never seen Problem Solverz

  14. I love how the character vibes to the music when standing still

  15. Looks like those old web games in the cartoon network webpage from 2005

  16. That rainbow ocean at the bottom is what you see when you put your eyeball right up against a CRT monitor screen.

  17. It’s always a good sign if you can tell how much love went into a game from its soundtrack alone

  18. Gameplay looks kinda just meh, but it’s super pretty and the soundtrack owns

  19. Those faces in the sky… what people see in the middle of it might be nose, but I see something else.

  20. This game seems fun but people with epilepsy would probably say otherwise.

  21. Good lord this game gives me the meanest headache

  22. Thought this was an adult swim bump for a second

  23. I think that some of the text being rainbow colored is kinda obnoxious, but the rest looks sweet. I actually really like the music. It's crunchy and wierd, but I think it fits perfectly with the game

  24. I remember on another video you mentioned you had some colour-blindness. What was playing this game like, did you have to adjust settings? (or maybe it was another lets player. Apologies if it was)

  25. This wouldn't look out of place as an Adventure Time episode

  26. Really love your channel, pls keep on posting more videos!!!!!!

  27. "this is your brain
    this is your brain on drugs…any questions?"

    YES,gimme sum

  28. Me: You spelt it wrong. It’s supposed to be spinach… Me looking at the name of the game: oh never mind.😮.
    Btw this vid is hurting my eyes lol

  29. That loading screen really messes with my eyes

  30. Man I love this kind of art style. High saturated colors combined with over stimulation.

  31. 1:05 –> Phew, I thought the player was supposed to kill a parent with children there – and I bet ABG thought the same, so the jump.

  32. Nice art, but the game looks kinda boring overall if this is how the entire game is gonna be, the only thing that could redeem it would be a good story and thats still wouldnt be enough for a generic platformer.

  33. this is as if pre-weird-fetish deviant art became a videogame

  34. this suffers from the universal problem of pixel art platformers: pretty graphics, completely unremarkable gameplay.

  35. The soundtrack is absolutely not catchy for me and gets annoying pretty quick

  36. The Gameplay are interesting but i dont like the music

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