So You Wanna Make Games?? | Episode 5: Technical Art -

So You Wanna Make Games?? | Episode 5: Technical Art

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There are many different specializations within tech art, but at its core, it’s about streamlining art creation and implementation. Whether on the tools side of things—building pipelines and custom tooling, or the game content side—rigging characters, or creating shaders, tech art requires keen problem solving skills. Check out this video to learn about some of the common specializations for tech art and why they’re so critical to any development team.

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  1. What's the pay for these guys? I do all of this at an arch vis company and I'm paid like shit.

  2. What type of a portfolio would you need to apply to be a tech artist?

  3. Crap I'm a professional artist who programs as a hobby. This might be the perfect career for me!

  4. Aspiring tech artist right here !!! And yes …. "what are you trying to do" is 50% of any project

  5. Also spending hours on rigging and animating a character is how get so many weird 3d animations ….

  6. Well i feel like tech Artist i mean not good but lets say beginner cuz some dudes creating game and i am once who have to make character animation rigging environment and more ..

  7. What !? Tech artists make rigs ? Why don’t the animators do that !?

  8. "And that's why every tech artist asks this very critical question:"

    Wataaa you tying tchu du, sensei

  9. I'm loving this series it really is giving me insight on perhaps a path I want to follow

  10. At 10:52 this is how I've been feeling. I'm currently pursuing a BA in Graphic Design, but I love coding as well. My goal is to join the Game Dev community, but before I found out about Tech Art I was struggling to make a choice.

  11. This position is so frustrating y'all kids have no idea

  12. I was thinking about technical art for a long time. This video somehow made me cry and the only reason i can think of is that maybe i really should do tech art

  13. I love how whenever Tech Artist functions comes up, it always boils down to Artists being idiots from which you can't expect anything besides making art.

  14. Been working in the industry for a few years, I clicked this video because im a tech artist (mostly shaders) and yes, I write my own code :). Currently Im working on a water simulation. similar to portal 2 goo We are one of the highest paid, but there arent many of us

  15. Tech Artists? More like I’m going to kill myself this seems so stressful

  16. finally understand why riot were hiring engineers and tech artist recently,I am not interested in this but this helps to understand and improve my art and what to improve,this is great stuff,regardless if you are a teach artist or just a concept artist.

  17. This is so useful. I had problem to choose what to learn, is software development or art design, and i scared im choose a wrong path. But this video tell me that i can be both. Thank you.

  18. i love this so much… such a funny way to educate people… you should make more advanced videos

  19. This is my place in the world definitely uwu.

  20. One thing I don't understand is 1 person I did all this stuff or have categories for what off this you are ?

    If tech artists is be both game developer and artist bescily I'm tech artists but I'm not the person I mack tools and all the other comlex stuff I know besic code in unity I use sheder note System but still if all this stuff is true I need to find team to work the truth is wean make my games the hardest part for my is the code all the other is easy

    I really need team but haw?

  21. Really appreciate all the introduction and resources. This series has solved many questions and misconceptions I had before.

  22. I like art and I also like coding but I don't wanna choose one of this a a good hard is it ?

  23. All of these different jobs seems so interesting to me!! How does one pick which one to specialise in? What would you recommend?

  24. It feels so strange seeing Braum without a smile

  25. Any PIPELINE course to learn good?

  26. I want to be a tech artist where to start? 😢 is it late to start? I have knowledge in C# and have a good programming logic and I am an artist too please help

  27. The programming apears to be pretty basic level. What about AI?

  28. lol do you guys see that they avoiding about talking about programmng

  29. I teach English for Games Graphics Design Majors here in Korea. This series has become our "textbook". I have learned a lot! I think it's great for visual learners to watch videos and they can use the captions or slow it down to get the vocabulary. Speaking is a little fast.

  30. whoa i never knew this was a job but it's so cool!

  31. No wonder league client bugs is everywhere and veigo is the new bug king. Anyway very great series Wish I had found this vid 2 years ago when I start using ue4.

  32. Hey guys you were very helpful for me. Thanks i may need your help in future I am entering in this field 😉😉

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