So You Wanna Make Games?? | Episode 4: Environment Art -

So You Wanna Make Games?? | Episode 4: Environment Art

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In this video, the environment artists describe the process of actually building an environment—which is a huge amount of work! From planning a layout to modeling literally every tree, rock, building, prop that you see in the world, environment artists must be masters of prioritization and efficiency. They must understand that every decision is a trade off and focus on the things that are most critical to achieving the desired game experience.

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  1. Thanks alot for the vids,I watched it over and over again ,and still learning new things as I entered a new phase of learning。Im currently self learning at home ,have a decent understanding in blender。Picking up zbrush and substance painter in the process。I think I will continue on unreal next。Hope that I will enter the game industry in the future,dreaming to work for riot someday。

  2. Thank you! This is really helpful! and easy to understand what environment artists do.

  3. these videos are frekin immersive ! Keep up the good work. If it doesn't help its still entertaining 😛

  4. looks hard. i want make my own games , i'm realy confident about my programming skill, but art skill ?? no, iam suck at drawing thing. thlooks imposible to make game using one man army method.

  5. 1:51 yeah ngl, thought I was about to get rickrolled that drum noise actually gave me PTSD

  6. I'm new to learning game development with Unity and this video is so awesome for inspiration and information!

  7. Are we gonna ignore the fact that we got rick rolled at 1:52

  8. love the music in the intro, anyone know who wrote it/where its from?

  9. Thank you for making these! It's really valuable and insightful.

  10. Wow, this series is incredibly informative and well made. And all the Riot staff are beautiful people with a strong fashion sense. Gotta up my game!

  11. los angelos isn't an imaginary place it's actually real

  12. thanks riot ..this is very helpful video and your new game is awesome

  13. Can you write in these videos which games are in the footage

  14. I loved the video a lot, thanks ! But the dubstep music was a bit out of place…

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