So You Wanna Make Games?? | Episode 1: Intro to Game Art -

So You Wanna Make Games?? | Episode 1: Intro to Game Art

Riot Games
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In this video, we talk to game artists about the purpose art serves in games, as well as some of the foundational tools they use to achieve a desired experience: shape, color, and detail. These tools are leveraged across the full art pipeline, and this video provides a brief overview before we dive into each of the art sub-disciplines later in the series.

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  1. Amazing series thank you so much! Really helping me make sense of the game making world 🙂

  2. Why does this series not have more views? Some of the best game industry content I have found on tzee intavebzzz

  3. I’m an artist and a programmer myself, i cant say I’m complete beginner in this field because I already made a game before, but now I feel so confused and stuck i wanna make new games but it just sounds so impossible for me please help i need some advice and direction.

  4. Awesome videos, with cringy intro music for every person.

  5. Artist: Just want's to speak

    Dubstep and Text: s h u t

  6. my kid wants to learn this. can you recommend a school or a degree college USA?

  7. wich laguage they use java? 😂 and for IDE unity studio 🤓😂😂😂😂

  8. this is such a cool series!! thanks so much for making it

  9. Loved the diverse gameplay footage used as well as the interviews with knowledgeable game artists, but my god the editing. Like do you really need to interrupt every. single. artist. from speaking by blaring that obnoxious dubstep garbage after their first sentence?

  10. hey guys, so I need some guidance since I wanna pursue in games art and design, I previously joined an animation course in college but the things taught to me wasn’t really informative and everything was Super rushed which is a downside for me as I’m a slow learner. So Right now I know I need to kinda learn and research things on my own since the course didn’t really help me out but I’m not sure where to start. Like what should I do and learn first? I would truly appreciate if someone can help me out. Thanks!

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  12. [intro]
    5:16 shape contrast / color contrast / saturation contrast (…) size, layout or position contrast

    5:35 –tonal value contrast (the contrast between light and dark)
    6:14 –shape and size constrast
    7:07 –detail placement constrast

  13. I think Riot probably the company that inspired the most people to become concept artists.

  14. Didn't know Riot games has this kind of videos. thank you very much

  15. I too would also love to have loud music blasting my ear every time someone is introducing me.

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