Sifu: How Real Martial Arts Helped Make the Game Better - Official Behind the Scenes Clip -

Sifu: How Real Martial Arts Helped Make the Game Better – Official Behind the Scenes Clip

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Sifu creative director Jordan Layani and combat choreographer Benjamin Colussi take you behind the scenes of developer Sloclap’s upcoming kung-fu brawler, showing you how seriously they took real-life martial arts research and performance capture to make the game’s combat as authentic as possible.

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  1. we need more combat games like this and arkham knight and last of us

  2. 武术套招确实挺好看的,就是不能实战

  3. Omg That sound effect of the bat hitting that guy is naaaaaasty! Lol

  4. That Benjamin guy is very fast man!

  5. just release the game already 😭😭😭😭

  6. Love to see the passion of the hole team for this project and make it credible and fun

  7. Sifu taught you well. But he didn't teach you everything.

  8. Hire that guy that helped with the last airbender too

  9. The hall (lobby) part with multiple enemies reminds me of Raid (movie)

  10. Well, when playing a martial arts based game, or watching a movie with plenty of hand-to-hand action scenes, it's always better to have…you know, real martial arts

  11. Can anyone tell me if you can have either male or female player in this game?

  12. Superrr.this is next number 1 fighting game.♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  13. Surprise they didn't mention Donnie Yen if they're speaking of authentic choreographed M.A in movies 🙂

  14. ♥️♥️♥️ when will it be released

  15. Bring back co op local and online beat up games like things like Fighting Force, Streets of Rage, The Warriors but w martial arts.

  16. Still waiting to see if it has a story, or even ANYTHING else to do except walk forward and fight a room of goons.

  17. Сразу видно фанатов Джеки Чана

  18. Here's a thought🤔… when are these creators gonna get with Shannon Lee and do an upgrade game like this of her dad compared to the old one that came out out on the 1st gen Xbox. Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon back in 2002. Bonus thought: I'd even settle for an Ip Man game, Bruce's Sifu…🤨opinions?

  19. Jet Li can actually fight idk if that man was tryna knock down his credibility or just talking about the movies

  20. im still tryna know when the specs to run this is revealed lol

  21. Need open world game w this kinda martial art combat 🔥

  22. Sloclap, matter of fact any development crew with confidence to put behind the scenes and just have confidence in what they say about the making of their game. Amazing

  23. Preordered the game last night, can't wait for 48hr early access

  24. Lol why did he have to throw Jet under the bus like that? 😂

  25. I'm hoping someone mods Joe Rogan as a playable character and let's me do boring MMA stuff

  26. Been playing the heck out of this. Astounding game, they achieved everything they set out to do with this. Still haven't beaten it though. Stuck on last boss.

  27. The fighting mechanics in the game just blows my mind

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