Scorn Artbook - The Art of The Game -

Scorn Artbook – The Art of The Game

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Scorn Artbook #scorn


  1. Surprised how no one sees or has mentioned the similarities of designs this has to Hans Ruedi and his artwork of aliens and Prometheus

  2. キモすぎだろ!




  3. That nice! I think that creator of the Scorn can helps old Reedley Scot!

  4. THANKS! A lot of cool stuff, I wish I could have worked on this one.

  5. Thank you. With this video existing there is no need to buy Scorn.

  6. I love the music used in this video. Is it taken from Scorn? I assume not, but it fits nicely.

  7. As boring as this game was it's got killer artwork

  8. now that I see it, those eerily dystopian-like figure and the themes that accompanies the artbook could be something that can be implemented in the next installment of half-life series. thanks to its grotesque design, it just adds more element that makes half-life to what we know today.

  9. What is playing music soundtrack it's that cool

  10. Already pre-ordered the art book. I'm a huge fan of H.R. Giger and Zdzisław Beksiński's work, this will be another fine addition. :>


    не курите так много…..😎😎😎

  12. This game was so incredible. My Immersion level was 100% and that is what I really needed from a game like this.

  13. love this art style, i could never create or do something like this. 🙁

  14. It reminds me of the artwork of the guy who made xenomorphs.

  15. The first planet of the ingeniers of (alien) were start biologícals experiments.. and left bejind.

  16. es un juego interesante, sobre todo porque no es para nada explicito narrativamente

  17. Its like the works of the painter Zdzisław Beksiński came to life.

  18. Wait, where can I buy this artbook? Is it for sale?

  19. An interesting thing I see about the parasite, is that it shares a resemblance to the ascended forms. Since we know the first protagonist is the parasite, what if the parasite is a malformed, incomplete type of ascended creature that turns the second protagonist into it’s shell, merging with it?

  20. This is what I expected from Prometheus and Alien Covenant….

  21. i know people have a lot of mixed feelings about the game but god is it artistically amazing

  22. This is seriously…id f'ckn want this artbook!!!!

  23. This game is art. Like metal cover album transformed into video game or zdzislaw and hr giger painting combined.

  24. A perfect artshow of pics to make your eyes vomit 🤢

  25. I seriously think this game deserves an award on how cool the game is. It was in development for almost 7 years!

  26. artwork is top notch but gameplay is super boring

  27. Now I went to see a comic set in the Scorn universe. It would be even better if the comic had no dialogue boxes and everything that was happening was explained visually just like in the game.

  28. The guns they describe with the gunpowder seem way cooler to me

  29. Although it is not based on what i read , scorn has much to make us understand how grandiose that morbid and real lovecraftian universe of which lord Howard Philips left us so much in his written art greetings from Medellín Colombia 🦾👨🏼‍🦲🦑

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