Roblox's weirdest artists... -

Roblox’s weirdest artists…

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Today I play Speed Draw with my friends in Roblox


  1. I love how them mocking Dani is the reality of hanging out with guy friends

  2. Rip Danny (if that’s how u spell it) she’s the only girl

  3. Please, everyone, watch this in normal speed, then watch it at 2x speed.

  4. this is why Im convinced albert escaped from a mental facility

  5. Can we just take a moment to appreciate that all of them r good at drawing especially virtually 😭☠️ I could never

  6. this made me laugh to hard were i cant breathe 😭

  7. I love the fact that Albert is so out classed

  8. This video makes me realize how much I miss roblox myths (because of the G0Z references)

  9. What did Dani draw for eyes that was so bad?

  10. I came here only for the amongus from the thumbnail

    edit: guys learn how to take a joke

  11. Can we take a moment to appreciate how they used perspective this video

  12. Is it just me or is it that at 6:57 when Albert raised his arms that it showed how shredded he is

  13. is it bad that i wanna see the stuff they blurred out 😭

  14. 8:38 Did anyone just notice that albert had 69 Coins during this time?


  16. It’s not a drawing with friends vid without something having to get censored 😭

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