Roblox Starving Artists💰(Donation Game) -

Roblox Starving Artists💰(Donation Game)

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  1. Hey kev when you’re making a video can you please tag me in it so I can join you and what is your user name?

  2. I have 30 bucks in starving artist but I only have three on my robux somebody pls tell me

  3. So are you going to stop hiding from me and accept the boxing match

  4. I reamber watching Kev like 2 years ago and today remember him but forgot his name and put up it’s Roblox guy😂

  5. In the end he didn't buy the Sub to Kev art 💀

  6. Can I get Robux please because I have no roebucks

  7. I will wait for a purchase from you of my drawings <3

  8. Pls can someone help me?
    When I try to remove my art it says "Buy" instead of "Remove"

  9. boutta give away 24k to random people loads in and starts fortnite dancing with an npc

  10. Pls Cani have 5 Robux my yosir name jack awawack fo your mirch on roblox

  11. U
    I was an old fan and just came back and I forgot how good u were and how amazing ur humor was

  12. This man has pure good heart this man is not selfish nor proud like other youtubers get proud and have a lot of attitude this man has heart love you man I'm watching you when i was 7

  13. ive tried playing this before, but i dont have any shirts. But i did make three awesome art peices. I couldnt even buy anybody elses paintings because i didnt have any robux. My last account got hacked they changed the password. i had alot of robux on there. Thats what made me depressed for 2 weeks. i dont know why that was over robux though. but im not depressed anymore and i have a new account. it doesnt have any robux like i said before, but i still dealt with it and enjoyed even though i still always think about my old account.

  14. that's enosuke blue hair then tanjuro kamato and nesuko kamato
    from an anime called demon slayer kev u should start watching it

  15. I wish I could get donated to like that dang

  16. Ay You can come bye my art username is Aiden_6677

  17. Bro you didn’t even paint all you doing is buying paintings bro like paint bro

  18. I bought ur mirch its so cool and comfortable

  19. I dont think he buy sub to kev cuz he ended i didint see

  20. I play this on Roblox and it’s fun 🤩


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