Riot Games: A Day in the Life of a Tech Artist -

Riot Games: A Day in the Life of a Tech Artist

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Join us for an exciting livestream event showcasing the Technical Art department at Riot Games! We are thrilled to welcome Jeremy Ernst, Seth Hall, Izzy Cheng, Taylor Wright, Jen Huffa, and Gaige Hallman as they give us an inside look into the world of Technical Art and the essential role it plays in game development.
Through several real-world examples, our talented panel of tech artists demonstrate how they use their creativity and technical expertise to solve problems, design stunning visuals, and create immersive experiences for players. Viewers will get a glimpse into what they do day-to-day, who they work with, and the challenges they face.
From rigging and animation to art direction and pipeline tools, this livestream event will help you gain insight into the different sub-disciplines within Technical Art, the requirements for aspiring Tech Artists, and the resources available to get started on this career path.
Whether you’re an aspiring Tech Artist or just curious about Technical Art, don’t miss out on your chance to hear directly from Riot artists!

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Events with closed captioning are available via Gnomon’s Facebook Page.

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  1. Where I work the industry won't recognize me as TA because I already built my portfolio as Animator. I'm still struggling on making the transition today.

  2. awesome video~ thank you for sharing!
    i hope you don't mind me adding timestamps ^_^

    00:07:40 – Intro
    00:10:59 – Jeremy Ernst – Technical Art Director – 17 years TA (15 years unreal)
    00:23:04 – Seth Hall – Procedural Generation – 17 years (5yrs film/tv)
    00:37:39 – Izzy Cheng – Rigging – 7 years
    00:49:02 – Taylor Wright – Technical Animation – 9 years
    01:05:34 – Q&A
    01:18:45 – Jen Huffa – Materials and Shaders – 7 years
    01:40:12 – Q&A
    01:44:00 – Gaige Hallman – Tools & Pipeline – 8 years
    02:01:38 – Q&A

  3. Technical Artist jargon is too wide, you could say you need both art and programming we need separate which one that prefer art sides or programming sides

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