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Reviewing Every Chilla’s Art Game (Part 1) | Oranalysis.

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Hi, I’m Oran. Thanks for watching Part 1 of my review series of Chilla’s Art’s games. If you have any thoughts on the video feel free to leave a comment. I’m always looking to improve my content so any constructive criticism is appreciated.

00:58 – Okaeri
03:45 – Aka Manto
08:25 – Stigmatized Property
11:12 – Inunaki Tunnel
15:22 – Yuki Onna


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  1. I love watching ManlyBadassHero play Chilla's games. I can't play them myself since I'm no good at horror games but I love Manly's relaxing voice when he plays.

  2. Your entire review of Aka Manto is weak. Incredibly weak. Pitifully weak. It's a game that has a degree of challenge to it, but most of the seeming difficulty is an illusion based on it obfuscating its rules, because why would a supernatural entity just lay everything out for you? But those rules are fairly intuitive to figure out if you're actually trying. You're supposed to puzzle the game out for yourself while resisting the inherent dread and panic of the scenario, because that's what the game fundamentally is – a puzzle. But you didn't even try to understand it. You just gave in, and then you whined about it because it was beyond you. It's like the only sort of horror games you want to play are walking sims. Ugh. Do better, or stop bothering.

  3. I find it sad how Chilla's Art has became some shallow studio where they make games just for the sake of having something for their paying patreons. At first I liked their visual style but after seeing the same shaders, models, mechanics etc. it just feels (and looks) like you're play a FIFA game. I don't know what happened, but trully wish for them to return to their original inner spirit on creating actually good games.

  4. I'm not familiar with this developer or their games at all, but this is a very detailed summary of their work. Good job. From what I gathered their work is pretty inconsistent in that, when they're good, they're really good, but then they'll churn out a highly annoying vessel of mediocrity soon after. Okaery's atmosphere seems amazing.

  5. thank you very much for this good video and this overview! this helped me a lot!

  6. Thanks for the reviews. I bought their games after watching this. However, next time, warn us about spoilers. Like telling us to skip to a further time. You kinda spoiled the dog part. Anyway, give us more Japanese horror reviews. Cheers!

  7. Such an amazing video, thanks a lot mate.
    This video should definitely have more views

  8. my favorites are aka manto and yuki ona >.<

  9. for reals thought this would have wayyyy more views , so cool

  10. This is the video I wanted to see so long ago. I mean it. Puppet Combo games are good, but Chilla´s Art has its place and, in my point of view, some of its games are better. Thanks for your video.

  11. This is so sweet, I love the J-Horror tone of these games, and your video makes for the perfect shopping list. Thanks for warning me about Aka Manto, doesn't seem like my thing either. Be checking out your follow up video soon.

  12. Great Video! I love Yuki-Onna and also The Caregiver really worked for me. I love mostly all of their games though even if they feel overlapping at times. Aka-Manto is fun, but not really scary, and I do like the style of it. Yuki-Onna feels more fleshed out than Aka-Manto and I love the puzzles and setting way more. It really does come down to preference with those two games, because they really are similar in execution. I love the more suspenseful games they put out!

  13. not so sure you check these comments anymore, but absolutely fantasticc video man !

  14. chilla's art games makes me wary of my life – visa via walking home from school, working part time on stores, working full time on cafe's, or taking care of old people, or just any situation needed for a human to develop in life.

  15. I just bought a collection and can’t even play them. They always crash

  16. Imo this kind of horror games are better than today's high graphic and remaster games. I love the retro style the story flow and the originality

  17. It’s pathetic how much ur insulting a genre of games just because u don’t enjoy it, sure it’s a review but in many moments u are just insulting the game, not reviewing, and u know it too, no wonder u barely has any success rn

  18. Great review! I was just looking for a good anthology/review of Chilla's Art games👍👍

  19. lets hape they make another ako manto type of game.

  20. The subtle horror you spoke of not quite knowing if you're seeing something or not reminds me of my favourite horror movie, an Australian film called Lake Mungo.
    It oddly has very strong Asian horror vibes. And I'm half way convinced Netflix's Haunting of Hillhouse took inspiration from a certain twist.
    It's several different kinds of scary, I highly recommend it, it's not a jumps jumpscare fest, attention and patience is rewarded.

  21. I like the closing shift because you can make drinks

  22. After Watching some Let's plays Chillas Art Games (mostly by Hololive Members) I really got sucked into the art style and atmosphere of these games. Delightfully Uncanny, Dark and Uncomfortable. Also really glad I have found this channel! Can't wait to check out your other videos

  23. Good thing Chilla’s Art stopped with games like Aka Manto.
    Aka Manto felt like a Puppet Combo games which it isn’t their style of games

  24. This glossy texture they have over almost every surface irritates me to no end

  25. Aka Manto and Hanako were the 2 games I wrote a negative review to. Though I really liked the ones that had a realistic relatable story. People should definitely give Chilla's Art games a go. Some are really unique that it's really not likely to bump into a similar game to them.

  26. Imagine being so handsome you lose your will to live.

  27. Slowly working through your Chilla's Art retrospectives, really great work! Your narration is very calm and relaxed, and you communicate your points in a very respectful and concise way, even when you have less-than-positive things to say about the games!

    I've always been convinced the Chilla's Art games like Aka Manto and Yuki Onna were developed mainly to compete with Nun Massacre, a very popular indie horror by Puppet Combo – their format, enemy behaviour, intentionally confusing map layout and general puzzle progression are nigh identical. The key difference is that Puppet Combo's approach to horror has always been loud, in-your-face, abrasive horror, so a game in that style is very in-character for him. Whereas with Chilla's Art, their game library has that aggressive whiplash of going from suspenseful, slow-burn horror (as in Stigmatised Property, Okaeri, etc.) in one game to suddenly intense, loud, overwhelming horror in the next (Aka Manto, Yuki Onna). This is purely speculation on my part, though!

    Anyway, great video. Thoroughly looking forward to hearing what you have to say about the rest of Chilla's library, and very much excited to see what other wonderful indie horrors you explore in the future!

  28. you can shove a whole ass Katana through Aka Manto to jill him which is immediatly +10 more points for me
    Its clearly heavily based on Nun Massacre and make sme wodner if, sinxe ir seems to be their second game made, this is them experimentating with different styles before they settle on something later on since iirc Aka Manto and Yuki Onna are the only ones of theor kind

  29. i believed the aka manto review was just an excuse as to be piss shit scared of constantly being in danger.

  30. lots of people dunk on Okaeri for the short runtime, but i look at it as an art piece

  31. also, great video mate, super good reviews without too many spoilers

  32. I loved Okairi and stigmatized property. These games are cool.

  33. Just wanted to say your videos are great. A short meme video of mine hopped on the algorithm train after I changed the thumbail and now it (for no good reason) has over 500,000 views. Why. It should be you and yours, is what I'm saying. Thanks for your work.

  34. Okaeri at first thought seems like a cute game, because that's what a family member says when you return home. I really like the graphical presentation – though the theme is depressing. I guess that's what you'd expect from a horror title.

    Akamanto look like it would be super annoying. I don't mind chaser horror. I like the first two Clock Tower games (the third one — well let's not mention that [I have reviewed all three on my channel]). That noise that Akamanto makes when he is pursuing you – my gosh. I can see why you would have been frustrated.

    Inunaki Tunnel sounds like it would be kind of cute too. A dog calling from inside the tunnel. Let's invetigate… oh no! Actually, that sounds a bit like how IT would have coaxed a child to their death.

    Haha, I love that you thought that the developer would be kind enough to put a frozen sausage in the snowball, right next to the hungry goat. 🤣

    Anyway, great video. I enjoyed your thoughts.

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