Reimagining Classic Nintendo Games - Pixel Art Challenge (ft. @Vimlark ) -

Reimagining Classic Nintendo Games – Pixel Art Challenge (ft. @Vimlark )

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Have you ever wanted to remake your favorite childhood Nintendo games in your own style? For today’s pixel art challenge, I’ll be reimagining two games using Pyxel Edit that were hand picked by your boy Vimlark. The first game is a classic. Kid Icarus, which was orginally released on the NES in 1986. The other game is none other than Vimlark’s very own Monkey’s with Guns. Join along as I show you some of my pixel art tips and tricks, and see how my game art remakes turn out.

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  1. Love your version of both games! Huge amount of respect for being able to limit yourself with the canvas, I always struggle pulling details forward at lower resolutions!
    – Foster

  2. how do you get pyxel edit? because i working on making my own games and look for a new free pixel art editor

  3. This channel inspires me to be a game dev!!

  4. can you make an the keeyp trading card packs like pokemon

  5. keep going, thanks for making this channel, it really help for me who started making games

  6. he should have challenged Whitevault >:)

  7. Ok, now make it fit into the nes constraints

  8. I'm trying to get into developing games and I'm interested in visual scripting. What one do you reccomend. Great video and art btw

  9. Love your videos dude! What software do you use for editing?

  10. Hey is there any limitations on Godot in 2d games like what u can't create in Godot 2d ????

  11. Your re-imaginings all seem like they're designed for a handheld console with a tiny screen.

  12. These would make for good pictures on the wall, but I was kind of hoping you'd give yourself the same pallette/size limitations as the NES and take the gameplay into account (Pit would be super cramped dodging snakes in that room). I feel like pixel-art as an artform was very underdeveloped in the 80s and a lot of the art was just thrown together by programmers, so it would be interesting to see what it would look like if time travelling pixel artists from today made the game art for some of the classics.

  13. Smash Bros and Uprising? Nah. Captain N: The Game Master

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