Redrawing Silhouettes Art Game! -

Redrawing Silhouettes Art Game!

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@Audity #shorts here’s donkey’s silhouette into a new character, which would you like to see next?


  1. Can you do the name Scarlet for your next name video?

  2. Can you draw kermit the Frog as a human

  3. Can you make something stranger things related pls 🥺

  4. One but are you going to see this in every comment of your video until you make it of course

  5. Total off topic but can you make a Karen that is an animal that is in sing 2

  6. I love your videos I have one question though can you do a picture of me you can look through my Channel but I really want you to recreate the picture of me with a octopus on my head you know there's like little reversible octopus if I am a asking for too much I'm sorry if I am

  7. Draw Micheal mouse
    Which is like Mickey Mouse,but with brown goggles on his head,green shorts,black buttons,brown shoes,and a brown scarf. Also, a black and white version is available.

  8. Oh Drawfee did that too, its quite fun. Dam now i wish you were a guess there too

  9. Her laugh never gets old 😂😂

  10. Question, what brush tool do you use to create the lineart of your drawings?

  11. How about combine elsa and donkey

  12. Can you draw me.. I'm a 12 year old dancer (boy) I love Netflix I have ginger hair and freckles and I love baggy hoddies with skinny geans

  13. Richard’s little dance after he asked where her hands are gives me SO much joy

  14. Love your delivery! Keep up the awesome art

  15. You need need need o create animated characters and voice them, if you haven’t already. You make me laugh every video

  16. Have you ever had old fish for dinner do you want to

  17. So nobody is talking bout how she flips the things (forgot what its called)

  18. I love this channel everytime it shows up.

  19. I actually love this though, you're so awesome with coming up with such creative ideas on the spot- truly!!

  20. Is it me or is this lady trying too hard and acting sus

  21. This is what they meant when they said
    “Butt Head”

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