Recreating The Weirdest Video Game Box Art -

Recreating The Weirdest Video Game Box Art

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Nathan, Jacob, Karina, and Julia attempt to recreate strange old video game box art based on each other’s descriptions of it.






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  1. Karina's brother constantly offers to help me hide the bodies about like maybe three times a week. I don't normally have bodies to hide but it's still a very nice offer

  2. oh my god, please do another one of these, i could not stop laughing at the descriptions.

  3. Katrina’s brother helped me pass my math exam absolute great guy helps everyone he can 10/10 friend

  4. I remember playing Pac-Man 2 and the game always crashing right as it got to the paragliding section, so it always looked like the box art

  5. I’ve actually had a six year old try to describe a Pokémon card to me because she couldn’t remember which Pokémon it was and it really did feel a lot like Nathan describing the box art to Jacob.

    The six year old was thinking of Spritzee.

  6. challenge idea!
    celebrities from description, but no erasing.

  7. I'd like to see a "draw from description" in which the describer can't see the art being drawn as it happens

  8. Karina's brother is such a cool guy man.

    Saved me, my mother, grandma, 2 children and my cat from a burning flat on his own.
    He also saved a hot woman and got with her afterwards.
    I hope to be like that guy someday.

  9. "this horrible squat man and his 1 gun crusade to destroy LA"

  10. When I was younger, maybe junior high, I got roped into watching my 3 month old niece while my sister got her hair done. So when there i am, sitting in the waiting area of a hair salon with my niece and who walks in but Karina's brother

  11. karinas brother once saved my nephew from a burning building. afterwards he caught the arsonist, and after forcing him to pay restitution, he actually helped the arsonist overcome his psychological compulsion to start fires and helped him turn his life around before he seriously hurt anybody.

  12. Karina's brother is really good at ridning horces!

  13. I love Karina struggling to describe her brother without giving it away. I remembered the box art right away when she said "He's paragliding and just, screaming." Karinas brother introduced it to me when I was a wee lad and it was my favorite game for a while.

  14. "I can't believe you made me think about Jared Leto"

  15. I love that "This outfit needs to make sense" like it already does 😂

  16. I haven't clicked "like" this fast in a while lmao

  17. "Imagine you're a big, strong bald man throwing fireballs"
    Me, immediately : oh it's Karnov!

  18. is no one going to talk about the little guy Julia had on her canvas at the beginning of her turn bc omg I love them

  19. We absolutely need to give more attention to, "Shaved cowboy hats" at 24:54

  20. Episode idea: each person draws one of Karina’s brothers heroic accomplishments. There are so many to choose from.

  21. Karina's brother is great but also is no one mentioning that happy little man Julia drew 🥺

  22. I very quickly recognized the pacman one. Well not really, but I was like "Yeah… I've seen this before…" But I didn't remember it was pacman xD

  23. I love how Karinas brother is part of the illuminatti, has wings, can bend space and time, and also can jumprope really well. Like you go, king

  24. I'm sorry but Operation Stealth guy looks like Joe Biden

  25. Mega man looks like he's trying to take a huge sh*t

  26. Probably not the only person to realize the missed opportunity, but if so I'd like ta coin the nick name for Karina's brother to be referred to as kari-bro.

    Thank you so much for the amazingly good content. You're all so wonderful.

  27. What about redesigning boring game cover art? Like, Spider-Man PS4's box art.

  28. Karina's brother found me in my darkest times. No matter how many times I ran screaming he always came back. He was able to pull me out of my shell and get me to finally learn how restraining orders work, a life long dream of mine! Thanks, Karina's brother!

  29. Once met Korina's brother in a bar, he told me "sup". So glad people like him still exist

  30. I too had wire frame glasses with transition… I didn't wear them often

  31. the sunglasses in the ferris bueller pic look like clubmaster frames to me

  32. I got into an entire fight with my mom once about that particular Shape Lie.

  33. Karina’s brother you did a grate job sticking your hands into ice water at family events as a kid, competition is healthy

  34. I honestly adore Karinas piece. I think it's way better than the original

  35. This is one of the best eps in a while. Should def come back to this prompt again some time.

  36. I wish they did something like, limiting the description sentences, or trying to explain it after only 5 mins of looking at the image theyve been assigned

  37. Jacob’s drawing during this unbelievable, impossible description and getting it RIGHT had me dying of laughter and is giving me life all at once.

  38. I’m at 43:16 and I’m hoping Karina’s pick for Julia is what I think it is.

    Edit: I was right! It is a game for No One.

  39. That brief moment where Nathan's panic rises at the same rapid rate that Karina's optimistic encouragement gets louder is pretty great

  40. I love the fact that Julia’s basically dying in the background while Karina’s drawing.

  41. Kariana's brother would be so proud seeing these drawings looking down on us….

    dont worrry guys! hes not dead, hes just an olympic god. All hail☺️

  42. gotta say as a slightly new fan I'm puzzled by these karinas brother jokes however I do also know that he rescued me from drowning in a lake in Peru and after he took me back to his cabin he made out of thatch and mud where he nursed me back to health and fought off a pack of wolves with his bare hands to keep me safe. what a swell guy

  43. as soon as karina said paraglider and cliff i knew it was the pac-man 2 cover, a game that was somehow incredibly formative to me and my brother as children

  44. listening to the drawfees they/them pac-man (and generally just trying to describe him to Julia without saying his name) is really funny

  45. Little known fact: Kareena's brother killed Adolf Hitler. Unfortunately, he couldn't stay to honor his achievement because of the armies approaching on both sides, so everyone was just left to believe Hitler committed suicide.

  46. Oh my god, I recognized Jacob's as soon as he started drawing the legs.

  47. I love that Julia broke Nathan, t was wonderful to watch. Sorry Nathan. XD

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