Procedurally generating pixel art for my game -

Procedurally generating pixel art for my game

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In this video, bald man learns how to enslave the GPU and do cool things.

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Dissipate – Gavin Luke

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  1. In case you abandoned this part for the time being. I think you can fix the floating pixel issue as well as the weird sharp shapes that appear on the edges by instead of deleting the outline above a threshold, sampling the color of the closest "rock" and giving it to the outline. That way the pixel art edge will always have enough space to look consistent. You could also, after finding a way to separate the outline pixels from the rock pixels, use a gradient to gradually change the color of the outline instead of having it be cut of at the threshold.

  2. This been months ago but I just hope when we get to the betatesting phase of the game that this will not cause memory bleeding when the procedural reaches the ugly numbers that make it to loop indifinitively.

  3. y = mx + c
    You dare speak that which shall not be spoken?

  4. "It uses 9 if-statements"
    Yandere Dev: "Rookie numbers!" as he codes his entire game using if statements.

  5. Randy out here giving game devs confidence by making his progress at his game backwards… Be like Randy

  6. Why does he sound like so how he also has a Brooklyn accent.

  7. This shader hurts me. The performance is way more than you'd need for a comparable shader…

  8. I honestly had no idea that'd all be possible! You shoved some learning in my dome homie <3

  9. Randy: Rewrites the engine multiple times…
    Also Randy: Pays a monthly subscription to Trello for an overly complicated online app specifically designed for teams… just to use the Kanban Board.
    Seriously though, your shader is really cool – especially considering it was your first jump in. NGL, hope you jack the water shader from Kingdom for a biome.

  10. I am rendering programmer and the number of conditions in that shader gave me cancer.

  11. wow… ever try just just duplicating the line segment of the hill and moving it down, connecting the points on top curve to lower counterpart then simply interpolating the pixel x,y of texture with quads made from above process

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