Problems & Solutions - Printing Custom Cover Art Inserts for your Video Game Cases | Game Room Ideas -

Problems & Solutions – Printing Custom Cover Art Inserts for your Video Game Cases | Game Room Ideas

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Printing a replacement cover for a video game cases seems easy on its surface, but there are a lot of unexpected challenges. Let me guide you past the most common pitfalls so your prints end in success instead of frustration.


Project page with templates:

Bonus tips unlisted video:


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The Cover Project


Printing video game case covers seems like a pretty self-evident project. But I’ve had so many issues over the years, that I just want to help you avoid them and do it right. Special thanks to, and There are many smaller communities of artists, sharing mostly custom case art, out there. Search around to see what you can find.

In an effort to get to the better solutions more quickly, there are other possible ‘compromised’ solutions for printing on letter paper that I didn’t mention. Instead of using the ‘shrink to fit’ functions of your printer or software, you might shrink it in the editor, but only the length. This will keep your spine logos aligned. The cover will be complete, but just a bit shorter. Taking that one step further, you could separate the cover into parts and only shorten the back cover by just enough to have it print completely. Then, instead of an oddly unprinted edge, the front cover and spine will be perfect, and the back cover will be completed but slightly squished. You could use the test print resources of my website to determine the exact amount your printer can print, top to bottom.

As always, there are a number of paths to a conclusion.


Amazon links:

My Amazon Store

Amazon links to A4 paper:
Be sure to check for inkjet vs laser to suit your print needs.

A4 Size 20 sheets weight 180gsm Photo Glossy White Paper
(What I bought)

Glossy White Paper A4 100 Sheets 8.3×11.7’’ 135 gr weight

A4 Glossy Photo Paper 135gsm

A4 glossy photo paper 230gsm

Photography Glossy White Paper 8.3″x11.7″ A4 Size 20 sheets weight 230gsm.

Search Amazon for A4. 

Use caution.  In the US Amazon store, a lot of listings for letter-sized paper come up even when you search for A4.  Again, look specifically for inkjet or laser paper, depending on your needs.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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  1. Just want to say thank you, Game boy games in cassette cases 1 of 10.You are awesome, and im still looking at your videos for SNES, N64 and PS3 cover cases.THANK YOU!

  2. I’ve followed all the steps. Even bought the same A4 paper you used and it still comes up short. Width and height. I’m not sure what to do. I’m using a Espon Et 2800. Please help 🙏🙏

  3. Anyone have the official original AEW fight forever cover that originally was going to have CM Punk on the cover as that the one I wanted.

  4. Man windows always ruins the prints when k download them from the cover project

  5. for anyone viewing this in 2023, I used a GSM calculator to determine that my USA DS covers are roughly 155 gsm so finding a photo paper around that would work great I'd think. Haven't had a chance to test this though

  6. Which printer do you use? That's the hardest choice for me.

  7. Thanks I thought this would be to niche to find information on

  8. anyone have any advice for NTSC ps1 games? I have a few games with damaged/missing spines

  9. whenever I print it its either too small or too big and i print it in paint with B5 iso idk what to do. help me

  10. If anyone is interested I have a custom cover I uploaded to the cover project. It is for the game Majora's Mask. Check it out if you want.

  11. How do I do it save it on a jump drive and take it to staples? To print?

  12. I see a lot of people selling cover art reprints. Is that legal?

  13. If possible, check thrift stores for photo paper. I've lucked out and found unopened packs of 8.5 x 11 for under $5.

  14. Very in depth video. I’ve used cover project to create some Gameboy Advance, GB Colour etc cassette art work. They look fantastic and really pop on the shelves. Great video.

  15. Awesome video, all the info was very helpful for me. Greetings from Mexico!!!

  16. Fantastic! I've always gone to a shop to print my covers. I keep having to find new ones as they each eventually end up stopping me due to copyright. I'm using a place with self-serve printers now, but the paper quality is pretty low. I've always printed on legal size for the reasons you mentioned, but maybe it's time to try A4. Thanks for the tip!

  17. What is the ratio or size, for n64 box, that fits around the cartridge and then to fit in the n64 transparent snug sleeves? I tried it and it was too bit so I ended up cutting away a lot of the paper. From a distance you cant notice, but from near by it looks ugly.

  18. I just grab a cover for like PlayStation 2 games and edit them then put them in jewel cases.

  19. There is one thing I mentioned in other videos but neglected in this one. You can use your own paper at the self-service kiosks. You might ask for help from the staff so you orient it in the feed tray properly, but I've brought my own paper to print on in the past. If I strongly preferred laser prints, I could bring my own laser A4 paper.

  20. The hardest thing is to match the colors of your self printed covers with real ones so that these don't look different in the shelf (eg the blue color on the spine of PS4 games) do you have any hints how to match them precisely? Great vid man! I'm working on my custom slipcase tutorial atm 🙂

  21. I do a ton of cover pieces for handheld games using DS cases so I was very curious to watch this and get some further information. I'm glad you touched on the issue of trying to print the proper sizes for DVD cases–that's both driven me mad at times but also, like you, I've often taken what I could get and tried not to fret too much as they're either custom art pieces anyway, or just placeholders in hopes for the real deal covers.

    Excellent call on the test prints–soooo much ink and headaches saved!

  22. With the print cutting off, you could flip it in software then feed the paper the other way and print just the cut off part. Could work.

  23. This video is so informative and helpful.

    A ds version of this video would be nice.

    I have a game that doesn't have a case and i found the art online but it's split into multiple pieces! Ugh.

  24. they won't have the original cover of Tokyo mirage sessions Fe encore I need it. Thanks a lot

  25. But a4 paper is available locally in my country, so what the point of giving us a link to the a4 paper at Amazon

  26. Why don't you just get A4 paper, problem solved, don't forget to change printer paper size in settings.

  27. Is there a way to figure out the dimensions as I cannot do photo editing…

  28. I wish I could buy them pr made but living in the uk it’s so expensive

  29. Are DS cases supposed to print properly on A4 paper? I printed Pokémon Diamond's case from The Cover project, and it was a bit too oversize and did not fit the page. I printed it on Microsoft picture manager, and unchecked the box that said "fit picture to frame", and I also said full page photo. Can you please help?

  30. Can you please do custom PS1 case covers just how to go about on that form factor

  31. wow thanx for the video 😀
    i used ever mesement you said in the video so i could print it from local staples cause i dont have a printer
    for a 360 game ^^

    i want to also print a ps4 cover do you know what size for ps4 ??
    should i choose letter paper 8.5 x 11
    or a 11 x 17 Ledger paper

    for a ps4 game ???

    thoes are the option i have for staple

  32. can you please send me the ps2 internet cover art disc

  33. Hey! I have NSMB On the ds with it's original cover. i took it out and now i can't properly line it up. It's always slightly tilted. Any help?

  34. So wait, when using the self serve printing at Staples do you buy the paper you want to use and put it in the machine or what?

  35. i want to print a xbox360 cover in G2 (xbox one) size? What I have to do?

  36. What do you call the mat with the lines on it on your desk/table?

  37. Love the video. I've been undertaking the task of making Xbox One style cover arts for all compatible original Xbox and Xbox 360 games, so that people who only own and game on their Xbox One or Series X can have a single, uniform looking library. It's a big hill to climb and I'm only about 12 covers in, but it's fun to knock out a cover or two in my spare time 🙂

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