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Polygon Apocalypse Pack – (Trailer) 3D Low Poly Art for Games by #SyntyStudios

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An absolutely massive low poly asset pack to build your dream game! No need to scour the store looking for packs that match, this is possibly the biggest most comprehensive asset pack ever released on the store.

OVER 1,800 Detailed prefabs are included with this pack.

Modular sections are easy to piece together in a variety of combinations.

– All Buildings have enterable Interiors!
– Modular Bunker System!
– Modular Quarantine Wall!
– Vehicle Armor Attachments to add to our previous vehicles!
– Vehicle weapons to attach to your death machines!
– Modular Gun System – Create thousands of custom guns!

Includes a MASSIVE demo scene – (Character poses indicative only)

Key Features:
Characters (x30)
Biker Male, Business Male, Cool Female, Cool Male, Criminal Male, Eastern Female, Emo Female, Hazmat Male, Homeless Male. Islander Male. Mechanic Female, Nerd Female, Nun Female, Patient Female, Press Male, Punk Female, Riot Cop Male, Scout Female, Sheriff Male, Soldier Female, Soldier Male, Teen Female, Teen Male, Waitress Female, Wanderer Male, Zombie Female x2, Zombie Male x2.

Character Attachments (x86)
Armors, Backpacks, Beards, Hair, Headgear, Weapon Accessories, etc.

Vehicles (x17)
Ambulance, Army Truck, Big Rig (with multiple trailers), Buggy, Camper, Medium Car, Caravan, Golf Cart, Hot Rod, Ice Cream Van, Moped, Motorbike x2, Muscle Car, News Van, Prison Bus, Ute.

Vehicle Attachments (x88)
Bumpers, Armour Plating, Lights, Spoilers, Aerials, Spikes, Cowcatchers, Adornments, etc

Complete Buildings, with interiors (x30)
Apartment, Auto Repair, Cafe, Church, Commercial (small, medium, large), Diner, House x3, Burnt House, Industrial (small, medium, large), Lighthouse, Market (medium, large), Motel, Shop (small x3, medium x2, large x2), House Trailer x2, Warehouse x2.

Modular Buildings (x150 Pieces)
Ceilings, Fences, Floors, Walls, Roofs, Bunker Pieces, Loading Docks, Pipes, Walkways, Stairs, Ladders, Beams, Doors, Awnings/Tarps, Signs, Seating etc.

Additional Structures (x24)
Bridge, Cooling Towers/Smoke Stacks x3, Container Bridge, Crane, Helipad, Military/Quarantine Tents (with damaged versions) x11, Pool, Pylon x2, Radio Tower, Water Tank, Water Tower.

Environment (x240 Pieces)
Roads, Sidewalks, Tunnels, Highways, Grasses, Bushes, Trees, Rubble, Rocks, Storm Canals, etc.

Props (x671)
Barricades/Barriers, Crates, Furniture, Billboards/Signs, Wrecked/Burnt Vehicles, Fences, Building Materials, Lamps/Lights, Power Poles, Nuke, Instruments, Rubbish/Trash, Spikes/Shards/Defenses, Camping Equipment, Shop Dressing, etc.

Items (x93)
Bottles, Ammo, Drinks, Cans, Camping Equipment, Food, Bags, Meds, etc.

Complete Weapons (x86)
AR’s, SMG’s LMG’s, Pistols, Shotguns, Rocket Launcher, Minigun, Nail Gun, Spear Gun, Bats, Blades, Axes, clubs, improvised weapons, Chainsaws/Garden tools, Grenade, Molotov, Nail Bomb, IEDs, AA gun, Harpoons, Rockets, Saws etc.

Modular Weapons (x184 Pieces)
Fully modular weapon parts including Stocks, Barrels, Handles, Bodies, Magazines, Suppressors, Scopes/Sights, Bayonets, etc

FX (x29)
Ash, Blood Splat, Bullet Shells, Dust (interior and wind), Fire x3, Flame Thrower, Flies, Fog x2, Gunshot, Mud, Nuke x2, Pollen, Radioactive (Flat, Large, Small), Rain and Rain Splashes, Road Flare, Smoke (Black, Large, Small), Sparks, Wheel Mud.

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  1. Idk why people complain about these graphics it’s probably a cheaper asset

  2. this deserves more like.. the amount of skill and time out into it

  3. Can i make a VR Game with this Pack?

  4. How do you download polygon???

  5. I'm sorry, but is there a full version of the music that plays at the very beginning?

  6. What's name of the music used in this video?

  7. yep looks like I going to spend some cash this week 🙂

  8. Wait isn't this like the simple sandbox 2 apocalypse pack

  9. Holy shit this is dope i would like to buy it!! 😉

    Anyways can i make this a survival rpg fps game Or not? Please answer!

  10. Someone on the playstor e used this asset. Its deadly land zombie shooter its only available for playstore for now.

  11. shut up and take my money…… awesome Work gyus

  12. Amazing asset pack, I just purchased this during their sale and have really been enjoying every bit of it. I was never really able to get anywhere on most of my games I’m working on due to the lack of 3D models with the same art style. With this pack you can really get started on creating something truly amazing. My favorite part is that not only are there around 20 guns to choose from but they also made prefabs of each part of every gun so you can make your own unique guns!!! Another great thing about synty studios is if you have any questions they’re always more than happy to help you if any issues arise. Go vote for synty studios for best publisher and best artistic content for the unity awards!

  13. The new walking 🚶‍♂️ dead 💀

  14. What is the name of this game? How can I access it?

  15. Dude i've saw 2 character is a nun just like mary and another character female mechanic just like anna on the walking zombie 2 0:53 , 1:34.

  16. 𝕶𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖘𝖑𝖆𝖞𝖊𝖗 says:

    now imagine if this is a Real Game with 1000 hours of Storyline.. Masterpiece

  17. nice job
    I want to hurry up the apocalypse

  18. Synty studios, i just want to say that your thumbnail/asset wallpaper has been used for the game named Zombie War: Rules Of Survival (Android game)

  19. Alda Games make game the walking zombie 2 and i am play to ending is sad

  20. What is the music called give link please thank you in advance

  21. Nice but can you pls put that on danger close

  22. I have a few question. Did WARENA buy your art license for their NFT game project. Their works is just copy-paste from your art.

  23. The self of it was so dangerous the meaning is this emoji😢😫😫

  24. 4636🧟‍♂️🔫⚔️

  25. Can we see gameplay or do we make the gameplay

  26. is game real and just art am hope is a game

  27. i wish i could be a good builder just like synty studios, the fact that it has lots of details makes me get inspired and motivated and makes me work hard and accomplish my wish. My wish is not accomplished yet but i appreciate it very much!.
    Maybe i can be a worker for synty studios too?

  28. what is top3 famous games utitlizing this pack?

  29. This literally perfect for an game idea I I had in my head for at least 5 years. Now to save up the money haha

  30. can you put this into a fbx file for blender

  31. God I love this pack,but it’s to expensive,I hope there’s a big sale on your store soon:) btw,could you attach all the cool vehicle armour and zombie stuff on other vehicles from your other packs?

  32. Some walking dead type vibes here:))

  33. Is this game still available on IOS?

  34. i think i might use this pack to make the END OF THE WORLD!!!!!

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