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Pixel Game Art Animated Background Tutorial in Photoshop

Jaysen Batchelor
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Do you want to learn how to create amazing pixel art? Would you like to be able to create animated pixel characters and backgrounds for platform video games? Check this tutorial out then. It’s going to teach you everything you need to know on how to create a stellar pixel background and animate it. In this tutorial we will be using Photoshop.

“I dunno”
by grapes


  1. where can i find how to save as individual parts with the animations?

  2. Really love your tuts bro, you're great designer and teacher.
    I learned a lot of Photoshop with your vids, thanks a lot.
    Your work is pretty amazing !

  3. Unfortunately i'm so bad at imaginating things.. I just can't come up with stuff on my own to create some pixelart

  4. Best Tutorials I've ever seen … Great work !!!

  5. Wow, such a useful tutorial!! Thanks a lot Jaysen! Can't wait to try out the other ones.

  6. Hey Jaysen,
    That's a great lesson buddy! I loved it!

  7. I have a question.If i want to make a bigger drawing with bigger brick platforms-do i need bigger bricks?I mean wont they look too small when i fill my platform with them?

  8. Great video!! I was wondering if you could help me with something: when I try to move my character over to the background scene (51:48 in your video), it doesn't work. I can drag the layers, but when I move them over the project card, nothing happens. Do you happen to know a solution to that? Thanks!!

  9. " Great!" Seriously awesome tutorial this helped me out a lot!

  10. Man, you summed up alot in this video thats incredible

  11. I feel as though I have been Bob Ross'd pixel style 🙂

    Note: Just in case anyone wants to know, the dotting process is called dithering.

  12. Great video. Are you using a graphics tablet?

  13. You're a great teacher mate. Much better than the kind I had at school way , way back. Love the way you say 'Great' too!

  14. why there's deslikes, this is an amazing tutorial

  15. Honestly dude I watched your udemy art video and now I can draw thanks

  16. Hi Jaysen Batchelor. Would you consider making these tutorials on GIMP instead of Photoshop on Udemy? If you would, I will definitely buy this course. Thanks.

  17. Thanks! btw you look like whiter ver. Will Smith lol

  18. So much work! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 When you thought animation was easy!

  19. I've been designing a videogame for months now and I could had saved so much time with this tutorial.
    Your a meister, sir.

  20. Great work i learned a lot ,just a quick question do you pick the image size randomly or is there a way to calculate how many pixels you need

  21. Hey, i just wanna say thank you, me and my friend want to create a game, i know how to design stuff in 3d, but 2d is new to me, and pixels are even weirder for me, i love the type of art, but i never used it. But this is useful as fuck, now i can make textures for the future game, thanks a lot

  22. Hi man, would you recommend a canvas size?

  23. this technique is crap, the technique for pixel art is good but if you intend to make a mario like game and use tilemaps in unity then this rectangular tile will be useless, you just cant put coliders in each background that you draw in photoshop.

  24. my timeline looks way more complicated and different from yours.. Is there a special setting i can use to get the same as yours?

  25. Can I design games and sell them on websites. And how can I make it a real game

  26. This tutorial is amazing, it really gave me a good idea of how to make pixel art, and it is very concise. Thank you sir

  27. Good video bro. Some little things i feel you skipped as im a beginner and need every little detail as to how you do something.
    But a very good tutorial, helped me allot. Thanks.

  28. Worthy to spend an hour. Thanks dude

  29. I couldn't select with the magic wand because it was selecting part of my tile so I just tried to select it, when I tried to delete it a box showed up and I was confused on what to do. Please HELP!?🙏.
    Great tutorial by the way, gave it a thumbs up!👍😁

  30. You man, you are awesome this video helped me a lot.
    Love from india ❤

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