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PIXEL ART TIME LAPSE #142 – Floor Tiles for Video Games

DYA Games
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  1. what pixel art software did you use to make this?

  2. Muy interesante el proceso 🙂 gracias por compartirlo!!

  3. Your works are an inspiration DYA.
    May I ask what kind of engine you use to create your games?
    They look so awesome!

  4. Y yo que siempre pense que hacian siempre todo ese proceso a mano y no por cubitos jajaja xD

  5. Your videos with tilesets are always my favorite. I really liked this one, would love to see more in this style.

  6. Awesome as always! Really loved this one. May I ask how much time you took to make it?

  7. Hey there!

    So im a hobby game programmer and i currently am making first steps in pixel art.. do you have any advice for beginners for making tile sets? except practising and watching others 😀
    Great videos btw, really inspiring 🙂

  8. This was so helpful. Do you have a video making animated tilesets such as water or lava?

  9. Incredible work, I always learn a lot from watching your videos. I've really learned to limit my palette more and absorb a lot from it. Keep the videos coming, and thank you!

  10. Hi. Is it possible to buy your assets or hire you to make me some?

  11. I'm not even a game designer and I want to try this.

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