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Pixel Art Games to Watch for in 2019 & Beyond

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Looking at upcoming pixel art games that have a release date in 2019 or later. These pixel art games represent the best and most interesting games, to me, that I’ve seen recently.

This last year we saw some really great pixel art games come out that has completely changed my mind on what a pixel art game can actually accomplish.. problem is there is a loooot of garbage when it comes to pixel art styled games due to the relative ease, that it allows small teams or even single developers create art for their game.

Monster Sanctuary

Arcadian Atlas


Hazelnut Bastille

Elysis – No website follow development via twitter updates.. yikes

The Last Night

Bonus, already released, pixel art games

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  1. The best system created of all time is the PC…. wtf nintendo best system lolo

  2. Thank you for the HeartBeast shoutout. Really warms my heart.

  3. Yooo Fevir, you need to check out this man's game he is working on called Frontier Story. https://twitter.com/jmw327?lang=en He has only posted things about it on twitter right now but he just made a discord for it and is working on a patreon.

  4. Great video,great games,especially that last one,but how could you talk about pixel games and not mention "noita" ,dude I love you but this pixel game takes the cake,magic,explosions and every pixel is animated,just look up noita game trailer and you'll see its the king of upcoming pixel games,besides that,great video

  5. for some reason I read pixar games, maybe wishful thinking 😀

  6. Fevir, I gotta thank you for putting me on to crosscode. Never heard of it till I saw this video.

  7. one of the main things pixel wise i've been waiting is "Children of Morta"

  8. I guess to each their own, these are some of my least favorite games lol

  9. I've lived that shift in video game preferences not long ago, I was in a kind of burn out of all those online games (mostly pvp), and went back to some good metroidvania platformers, some were pixel art styled, but my favourite of all time has been Hollow knight. I highly recomend anyone to give it a go.

  10. Is it just me or is the subtitle a bit… off?

  11. Wow, I can’t believe I have never see this channel before! I’ve watched a few of your videos now and love the quality of your content. Keep up the great work because you’ve definitely earned my subscription!

  12. Very nice summary. While not an indie game, I wanted to remind you of the 2019-slated game "Waven" as well (we discussed it in May). It's a sprite-style, tactics-based MMO with tons of life skills, as well as outstanding visual and musical charm. It seems to check just about every box you mentioned liking here (plus the floating islands). Ankama (French dev) is now updating pretty regularly. In terms of scope, the game will likely follow its predecessors (Dofus & Wakfu) in offering semi-hardcore PvE with a SOFT cap on leveling (you can grind levels for years), and hardcore, very skill-based PvP.

  13. damnit , every time you mention FFT you get an instant like

  14. Interesting game that you are developing there, Fervir…

  15. You already played Enter the Gungeon? is a roguelike bullet hell with a pixel art style very simple but the game is really well done. The game has really good jokes with the guns, the enemies, the bosses and is really hard to complete till you get used with it. If you never saw it, take a look.

  16. Eastward also looks amazing form a visual standpoint.

  17. So, it's not going to release next year, but I just found what looks to be an amazing start to a game. It's called Aethyr and I think you just might be interested. While I'm here, thank you for the awesome content. It's always a pleasure to stop by and see the new stuff you have for us!

  18. Endhall is really a fun game. In my opinion it could be a lot longer, because it's addicting.

  19. MMOs become tiresome. You follow the daily routine of login, pickup rewards, go do dailies and daily dungeons till you hit your currency cap for the day or something like that. Upgrades dont come soon enough. Basically it feels like a second job. Sometimes I just dont want to do that….at ALL. So why not play something offline ?

  20. you'd like Secrets of Grindea. It's currently in early access on steam.

  21. was that final fantasy tactics 2 on the thumbnail?!

  22. Hey. How about trying SFD on steam if you like turn based battle like FFT? It is a SRPG Rogue-lite which has a demo version. It is not even near polished but it has some charming point if you like those kind of combat. (I am the dev).

  23. I'm desperately hoping for Heart Forth, Alicia and Mother 4 (or whatever it's gonna be renamed to) to come out in 2019, although I shouldn't get my hopes up that much

  24. Just say sprite based instead of “pixel art games”

  25. I'm actually surprised at the amount of amazing ones people are unaware of at the moment which might be good for small youtube channels lol to gain some sub tractions.

  26. You should have a look on Bloodstone Online ! 😀

  27. I looking forward to playing Eastward and Wargroove. They look fantastic too!

  28. Last Night is a voxel game, not a pixel anymore 🙂

  29. If you like tactical RPGs there is this one by Endless Fluff called Fae Tactics I've been waiting for. Their last game Valdis Story was pretty great and Fae Tactics doesn't look like it will disappoint.

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