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Pixel Art Games to Watch for in 2019 & Beyond

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Looking at upcoming pixel art games that have a release date in 2019 or later. These pixel art games represent the best and most interesting games, to me, that I’ve seen recently.

This last year we saw some really great pixel art games come out that has completely changed my mind on what a pixel art game can actually accomplish.. problem is there is a loooot of garbage when it comes to pixel art styled games due to the relative ease, that it allows small teams or even single developers create art for their game.

Monster Sanctuary

Arcadian Atlas


Hazelnut Bastille

Elysis – No website follow development via twitter updates.. yikes

The Last Night

Bonus, already released, pixel art games

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  1. ARCADIAN ATLAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. JESUS, The Last Night looks GORGEOUS

    gives me a Blade Runner vibe

  3. I wish pixel art games also also offered post filters like the 16-bit console emulators do.

  4. Kynseed is fun. And it does have this "Fable" feel about it. Mostly in the music. The last night looks really interesting.

  5. There is a really good indie turn-based strategy game coming up, the devs are putting a lot of effort and love into it. I'll upload a demo of it and open a Kickstarter campaing soon. 😉

  6. I will never understand why Tactics style games never had a huge following. Ogre Tactics, Final Fantasy Tactics, and even Disgaea were all really fun and innovative games for their time and they still hold up well to this day. Hell, even Fire Emblem still gets made, though I have my personal gripes about them in this day and age. Maybe its because people don't like to plan or prepare for something and just want to shoot, swing, or nuke others in multiplayer.

  7. Pixelart to me is kinda just wrong… the reason we had this is because the hardware was as fast as my calculator is today and the same goes for the display resolution.
    There are these good remakes of the Monkey Island series and they showcases this beautiful as you can switch seamless between the updated look and the 90ies look when the game got first released. It is still very much the same game and they are still good.
    Now I’m not saying you can never do this but the way this “took off” baffles my mind. And I doubt it has anything to do with money at this point. A lot of those people should be able to create the assets “clean” in HD just for about the same amount of time, heck I get the feeling some of these games actually are produced in reverse at this point.
    I don’t get it. Not once did I ever play a game and think: “Yea that games is nice and all but you know what? – Pixlated graphics would make it better!”
    I played CrossCode and I think the game is nice and enjoyable but I still maintain the opinion a “clean” look would enhance my experience.
    And I’m not saying it needs “Ascendant One” quality realistic models and animations in UE4 etc. blablabla. No it can stick to 2D sprites and stuff etc. just not pixelart.
    There is another new Street of Rage 4 in works now. And it ditches pixelart of the old titles for cleaner HD sprites. That is what I’m talking about.

  8. I'm just hoping one thing: One day, I will get the money and the Computer to play games at the maximum graphic quality.

  9. I just want a multiplayer versus Tactics game in the visual style of FF Tactics.

  10. 1:50 wasn't aware of this. Was hoping the Switch would get a new FF Tactics but this will do.

  11. Sadly The Last Night may get canceled. The dev is having some serious issues atm.

  12. Have to agree that some of these games need to keep an watchful eye over as they seem rather interesting.

  13. lmao love that little Switch love gush at the beginning. i'm right there with ya

  14. the last night better come out despite all the SJWs and other retards trying to keep it down.

  15. Would love it if you put the title of the games you're talking about on screen because I can't understand if you're saying the title of the actual game on screen or if you're making a reference to a game I'm supposed to know. Ex: You mention "The Last Knight", or is it "The Last Night?" See what I mean?

  16. I really began to fall in love with the modern pixel game ever since I got Cross Code.

  17. I love pixel art SNES style games but…Octopath traveler was THE WORST FUCKING RPG EVER! I've been playing RPG's for 20 years and Octopath Traveler has to be the worst. Not just worst RPG but up there with one of the worst games I've played. It had no character, no substance no nothing. It's just THE WORST!

  18. last night will maybe never come out. its about a future were progressives are in position of power and policing everything thats not "good behaviour". obviously a little army of sjw's started a shitstorm about it and it seems the game has lost most of his financial support (which weirdly certify the dark vision of the future of the game)

  19. switch best system? hhahahahahahahahaahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. No.

  20. You should keep an eye out for feel seal: arbiter of the mark if you like your FFT

  21. Dude just play DISGAEA, is superior To Final fantasy tactis

  22. Constructive critique: I love your channel, but please pump up that audio volume.
    I do have shitty speakers, but I don't have problems with most channels. Here I can barely hear you at max volume.

  23. CrossCode is held as an example of good art and polish?
    Insta like <3

  24. wow monster santuary come out? i know this creator that post his game on 9gag.

  25. best Lazy Developers Game to watch for in 2019.
    truth IS important! still.

  26. More people needs to know about CROSSCODE!!!!!!!!

  27. how come everything except last night is garbage on this list???????

  28. I can say that My Time in Portia is a great game despite being 3d and not pixel. It doesn't have a lot of farming like Stardew does, but it still has a lot of charm despite still being a work in progress. Been playing it since the earliest point in its early access, it was good then, it's still good now and its more fleshed out too.

  29. I tried Monster Sanctuary! I didn't think anyone knew about that game. I liked it a lot.

  30. Last Night has been in my list for a very, very long time and still hopeful for its release 🙂

  31. Amazing channel. Truly underappreciated. Subscribed.

  32. you might also check out EITR, Children of Morta and Stoneshard for some potentially awesome pixelart games!

  33. I have been seeing The Last Night on this "most antecipated" lists since 2017 I guess lol. It's taking forever to release. I hope it's awesome

  34. Short. Informative. No Ego. damnit here's your sub

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