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Pixel Art Games to Watch for in 2019 & Beyond

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Looking at upcoming pixel art games that have a release date in 2019 or later. These pixel art games represent the best and most interesting games, to me, that I’ve seen recently.

This last year we saw some really great pixel art games come out that has completely changed my mind on what a pixel art game can actually accomplish.. problem is there is a loooot of garbage when it comes to pixel art styled games due to the relative ease, that it allows small teams or even single developers create art for their game.

Monster Sanctuary

Arcadian Atlas


Hazelnut Bastille

Elysis – No website follow development via twitter updates.. yikes

The Last Night

Bonus, already released, pixel art games

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  1. You should really check out Sea Salt by YCJY Games. It's release date comes out in Q1 2019

  2. Why are u referring to pixel art as to some kind of different game genre, when it's mostly different graphics?

    Yeah, sure they are mostly 2D pixel art games, but the games themselves vary from shooters to strategies, are developed mostly by indie devs and try to "compensate" lack of AAA budgets for hyperrealistic graphics and engines with gameplay and content

  3. Well Last Night got shamed/defounded by Femenazis and is in Limbo right now.

  4. A little constructive feedback: It would be helpful to show the name of the game the entire time you're talking about it so I don't have to go back to find the title later after you've convinced me that it's interesting. Just small text at the bottom would be great.

  5. Finally pixelArt games are being valued, it am crying….

  6. The Iron Oath pixel art hands down beats most of these titles. Unfortunately it an in-depth Tactical RPG with world building and not another side scroller "Dark Souls" game. So it naturally gets overlooked by the community.

  7. Check out Wargroove. If you played Advance Wars back in the day, you're gonna like it.

  8. Monster Sanctuary surprised me in how deep it is and the size of that demo!!! I'm looking forward to that one the most.

  9. thanks i check this kynseed been looking more pixel art gams

  10. You could take a look to Survived By if you want

  11. You used to disregard pixel art games because they were pixel art? This immediately brought a sneer to my face.

  12. time at portia looked bad played bad and was just too sugar coated

  13. might i add Narita Boy? srsly take a look

  14. i feel like this video was made from a true pixel art fan and an og gamer and not IGN

  15. holy crap heartbeast is still around. i used to follow his content back in my GameMaker days

  16. Keep your eye on Feral Frontier and Flynn: Son of Crimson. Both of them look phenomenal

  17. Another fantastic video. This is quickly becoming my go-to sanctuary for a number of more obscure games I wouldn't have heard of otherwise. Hazelnut Bastille is an instant grab for me, while Re:Legend gives off that wondrously reminiscent feeling of Monster Rancher/Harvest Moon with a dash of adventuring. Slightly disappointed in it only having local co-op, but I'm still going to give it a spin. If you couldn't tell by my avatar, I'm a huge fan of the SNES-era aesthetic; great channel!

  18. What is the game from the cutscene you show at the very beginning of this video?

  19. 2:12 i feel you man. At E3 2019 everyone were like "woo-hoo, yeah, FFVII Remake" and i was like "eh, where is new FF Tactics u lazy maggots".
    So i thank you for showing me Arcadian Atlas. Added to my wishlist in steam.

  20. the pixel art things are all about NOSTALGIA.. thats all.. the many game player now already old.. and the new gamers are will never know these. this will feels different on old 90 80s people who play game until now.. what i feels now is many game loss all souls and meaning.. only small games that able to have souls… feeling on the player right now.. these pixel art indie is the ANSWER how gamer want game to be make by GIANT game industry… all giant game industry now create only game.. but not touching gamer hearts.. they play it and they forget it.. not like how many franchise back then when PS1. PS2 ,, and all good graphic 2000-2010 games..
    the new AAA games right now are only good in graphic.. but gamers will forget it fast.

  21. eleven months and Alot of this game not realease yet

  22. Monster sanctuary is still in early acess in 2020.. cmon

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