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Pixel Art Games That Inspire #soloindie

Dead Unicorn
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These are some of the pixel art games I draw inspiration from


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  1. Door Kickers: Action Squad is another one in my opinion. Its aesthetic is great and the music completes it.

  2. Dead cells isn't pixel art. It's a 3D game rendered in a very low resolution.

  3. Too bad dead cells is not actual pixel art…

  4. First game is called “return” I’m pretty sure

  5. The eternal castle art style is just so amazing (I’m not sarcastic)

  6. I'm curious about the first game

  7. The first game looks a lot like rainworld but with a human, a gun and normal mosters

  8. What is name of those games

  9. Oh hey, it's you! I saw your game on Reddit and liked the art style so much it's heavily inspiring my game's look!

  10. So the free legendary charac is from dead cell

  11. For me its pizza tower,soul knight and there's a butcher around

  12. Dead cells is not actually pixel art it’s a bunch of 3D objects with a filter, that’s only the characters though (I think) I’m pretty sure the environments are real pixel art.

  13. V.A.N.E.R.U.S.T Anti-Chaos Military Reinforcements says:

    Terraria : im a cockroach that is wandering around

  14. Eait Dead Cells in actually 3d game. Brcause character is 3d and animations make in blender with pixel renders.

  15. What is the name of the first game that he said in pixel arts game that inspired me what is it called cause it looks fire

  16. what was the one in the intro called? return?

  17. Life in adventure a great underated pixel art game

  18. Bro can you tell me name of the game you've made

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