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Pixel Art – For Video Games

Luis Zuno
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Some thoughts on how the Pixel Art in video games is.

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80’s Retro Grid Loop by GumballForAPenny
8-Bit Background Music Eric Skiff
Music from Ghouls & Ghosts and Golden Axe

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  1. Excellent video. Question, what's the font's name that you used for the subtitles? Thanks!

  2. so the amount colors for one sprite s dependes of the resolution of the sreen. like 16×16 you can only choose two or three colors vs 120×120 let you choose a bit more???

  3. This is wonderful! Can you tell me the name of the track at 0:51? I know it but I can't remember its origin..

    This moment is AMAZING: 3:33 Every pixel counts indeed!

  4. Luis, these videos are outstanding! Keep it up!

  5. Thanks for putting the effort into making your videos, they're super helpful!

  6. ¡Me encantan tus vídeos Luis! ¡Sigue así! 😀 Sólo una cosilla, en el segundo 1:50 se te ha colado un gazapo: que la NES podía mostrar 256 colores a la vez (ya le habría gustado, ya XD). En realidad la NES tenía una paleta de tan sólo 56 colores diferentes (del total de 64, nueve eran repeticiones del negro), y podía mostrar a la vez 25 como mucho 🙂

  7. I disagree on the super low color count to be a defining element of pixel art in general but being aware of the colors and managing the palette to not have redundancy is a good skill to have. As few as possible as many as necessary.

  8. Glad to see you appreciate metal slug for its art. Too many people look at it as a dated game when it was always decades ahead of its time.

  9. ME ENCANTA ESTE CANAL aprendo mucho, me gustaria q este en español me suscribir a tu canal amigo saludos!

  10. por favor sigue creando mas videos informativos me facina esto!

  11. I Disagree with that, Iconoclasts has beautiful pixel art and is not limited with less pixels. The same goes with Owlboy, that is Hi-Bit pixel art, and i love it so bad

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